The Best Toy Doctor Sets for Little Kids

Best Kids Doctor Set

Children’s creativity is limitless and pretend play or role playing is an incredible way to support and expand it. Role playing as doctors is consistently a popular game among kids. Perhaps your children showed their interest in the medical field by requesting to take your temperature to check for a fever.

There is a wide selection of doctor playsets for children. As parents, we might pick what we thought is the right set but our children know differently. This is the reason a playset with numerous toys is continually going to offer something children can appreciate and love. These toys facilitate the kind of role playing where our kids go off into their very own world and spend long stretches of pretend fun.

We’ve handpicked what we think are the absolute best toy doctor playsets. Our top picks include sets for little girls and little boys who aspire to become doctors. All these toys are eco-friendly, safe and maximises your children’s developmental potential through role-playing. If you are tired of plastic toys and want to set your children on a path of sustainable green living, look no further than these playsets. Our toys are made of best wooden doctor kits for healthy pretend play.

Tender Leaf Toys Play Doctor Kit and Nurses Set

Your children can run their own clinic or mini-hospital with this fantastic doctor and nurse playset. Designed in the UK with Tender Leaf’s own illustrations, this set is great for encouraging creative and imaginative play. This set comes in a spacious canvas bag for easy storage and includes a stethoscope, thermometer, syringe, tube of cream and a bottle of pills, scissors, fabric bandage, nurse’s hat and a wooden heart. These toy pieces are made from sustainable rubber wood and finished with non-toxic paint and soft water stain.

Tidlo Doctor Kit Set

The set includes a thermometer, stethoscope, otoscope, head bandage, a syringe and a big doctor’s bag. This vintage style doctor set from Tidlo is a good way to encourage creative and imaginative make-believe sessions. Your little one can diagnose the illness of her sick doll and nurse it back to health. Made from responsibly sourced wooden materials, these high-quality toys are perfect gifts for children who love role-playing or those who want to be a doctor when they grow up.

Plan Toys Doctor Kit Set

Let your children discover their nurturing and caring side with this wonderful playset from Plan Toys. This set includes a medical bag, blood pressure cuff, thermometer, a syringe, stethoscope and a reflex hammer. Your children can have fun with their friends with this doctor playset. Amazing toys for teaching empathy, sympathy and educating them about the life of a medical professional. Perfect gift for children 3 years and older.

This is an eco-friendly playset made from sustainable and chemical-free rubberwood. Finished with organic pigments and non-toxic dyes.

BigJigs Doctor's Kit

This 10-piece doctor playset from BigJigs includes a clipboard with paper, syringe, thermometer, otoscope, reflex hammer, medicine cream bottle, apron and bandage. All toy pieces can be packed away neatly into the colourful carry case. Each toy piece is beautifully crafted from high quality, responsibly-sourced wooden materials.


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