The Best Toy Kitchen Accessories

Best Toy Kitchen Accessories

Little children have seemingly endless imagination and one of the best ways to encourage them to use their imagination is through role playing. Role playing can be anything. From playing as a doctor taking care of sick dolls to budding chefs, role playing allows children the freedom to use their imagination and creativity to have fun exploring different roles. And role playing toys like toy kitchen accessories enhance and bring the entire playing experience to another level.

Kids of all ages love to engage in role playing simply because it is one of the most fun forms of play and more importantly they are not bound to any rules like games. In fact, they have the freedom to set their own rules and play however and whatever they want.

This sense of freedom and feeling of not being bound to any rules fosters learning on different levels. For instance, when children role play as chefs and play with their toy kitchens, they learn more about food and why it is important to eat vegetables. Furthermore, they will gain an understanding on where food comes from and that vegetables and fruits do not magically appear on shelves at the produce section.

Toy kitchens and these accessories are some of the most popular toys for kids because these are the toys that imitate real life objects that children often see their parents use. When children see their parents prepare the family’s meals, they too want to do the same thing for their toys.

So here’s our short list of the best kitchen toy accessories to make every role playing fun and exciting.

Tidlo Non-Stick Cookware

Your budding chef can hone his cooking skills with this Tidlo Non-Stick Cookware set. This amazing cooking set includes 11 pieces of non-stick cookware like pots, pans, utensils and the set even comes with an oven glove. Each toy kitchen accessory is designed with your child’s tiny hands in mind so he can easily hold and pick up these accessories. Fantastic toy set for imaginative play.

Bigjigs Young Chef's Baking Set

Bigjigs is one of our favourite toy brands because they make high quality toys that are fun to play and provide lots of educational value. Their toys are good for the environment, too!

This baking set from Bigjigs is the perfect starting baking toy set for your child especially if he is into baking. This set includes all the things you need for baking like a wooden rolling pin, baking tray, loaf tin, whisk, oven mitt and many more. You and your young baker can bond together and bake his favourite pastries, cakes and other baked goods. Each toy in this set is 100% safe and conforms to European safety standards on kids toys.

Green Toys Pizza Parlour

Young pizza lovers can open their own pizza parlour with Green Toys Pizza Parlour set. This lovely set comes with four slices of delicious-looking pizza, 20 pizza toppings, a pizza cutter, order forms and pizza takeout box. Each pizza topping is stackable and stays in place so your little one can mix and match and make his personal pie.

Green Toys toys are made in the US using 100% recycled plastic. Each toy does not contain any toxic chemicals like BPA, PVC and phthalates.

Tender Leaf Toys Fruity Blender

Your little one can prepare your favourite healthy smoothie with Tender Leaf Toys’ Fruity Blender. This fantastic set comes with pre-cut fruits like apples and oranges as well as a blender with an adjustable dial, wooden spoon, a knife, a cup, ice cubes and an ice tray. Perfect toys to encourage children to eat and drink healthy.

Indigo Jamm Jamm Toaster

This lovely toaster set from Indigo Jamm is a fantastic addition to your child’s toy kitchen. It comes with 2 pieces of wooden toast, a knife, a plate, a tub of jam and a cuttable velcro block of butter. Each toy piece features Indigo Jamm’s retro style design and colour scheme.


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