The Best Toys for Learning the Alphabet

Teaching the alphabet using the best alphabet toys

Many toys do not offer any educational value and they are only taking up space in your children’s nursery or playroom. It is always a good idea to buy toys that are fun and educational. Additionally, you get the most out of these if they grow with your child. These kinds of toys allow you to create different fun activities for your children as they improve their skills and grow older.

Learning is such a wonderful experience. As parents, we normally want to encourage our children to have fun while learning. Little children have short attention spans and they will get bored easily listening to dull lectures. This is the reason why most of the learning children get when they are young is through playing with educational toys like alphabet toys.

Learning the alphabet gives children a sense of accomplishment and something to be proud of. It is one of many developmental milestones that every child has to accomplish. Alphabet toys are probably the best way to teach your children their first lessons about letters. Using these alphabet toys to teach your children makes learning more interactive and fun. They will have the motivation to learn their letters and many enjoyable learning activities to be excited about. Teaching your children their first letter lesson can be a good way to bond and both you and your children can have a wonderful time exploring the world of letters together.

Choosing the right alphabet toys can maximise your children’s learning potential and guarantees that they are well on their way to know how to read and write.

So here’s our top picks for the best alphabet toys for little children.

Bigjigs ABC Blocks

We definitely love this wonderful playset from Bigjigs. It is an alphabet toy and at the same time a building blocks set. The set consists of 30 play pieces that come in vibrant colours and a wooden tray. Your children will learn their alphabet and expand their vocabulary as they play. All play pieces are made from high quality responsibly sourced materials and finished with non-toxic paints and dyes. You can have a peace of mind while your children are playing with these toys because they are safe and conform to strict European and international safety standards.

Tidlo Magnetic Letters

Make alphabet learning fun and colourful with Tidlo Magnetic Letters. These adorable alphabet toys feature magnetic backs and come in a handy storage box. They are beautifully crafted from responsibly sourced wood and painted with water-based dyes. Their lovely pattern will definitely get your children’s attention and they will have a fun time learning how to read and write.

Tender Leaf Toys Alphabet Pictures

Designed in the United Kingdom, this lovely alphabet toy from Tender Leaf Toys features their own original illustrations. This playset features an alphabet tray filled with beautifully crafted letter pieces that when lifted up will reveal a corresponding picture and word. The set also includes 26 wooden pieces with 3D coloured letter shapes. Your little one can practice her reading skills and letter recognition with this lovely toy.


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