The Best Water Bottles for School

What are the best drink bottles for school kids?

Sending your children to school with a reusable water bottle for kids is about more than just looking after the environment, you want to keep them hydrated and make sure they have access to clean safe water all day.

If you have children of school age you will know how much drama a water bottle can be. Children's water bottles come in every size, shape and style imaginable. There are oodles of plastic bottles as well as stainless steel varieties and some are even insulated meaning your children can have access to ice-cold water.

We want our children to stay hydrated while they're at school so having a bottle that they like is important because once children reach a certain age they would rather be thirsty than get an uncool bottle out in front of their friends.

Plus you have to weigh up the cost and the likelihood of the bottle getting lost, stolen or broken. Some children seem to be better than others at looking after something like a water bottle and replacing them can get expensive if you're not careful. Choosing a bottle that is durable is a good start as at least that limits the chances of it getting broken.

If your child is particular about the temperature of their water an insulated bottle is a great shout, and even if they're not that fussed having access to ice cold water on a hot day is going to encourage them to drink more and keep hydrated. Equally, if you have an insulated bottle you can send them with a hot or warm drink on a cold day.

Which are the most durable bottles for school

If you are looking for a bottle that won't get broken then stainless steel is the best option. Not only is it safe, eco-friendly, easy to clean, BPA free and great for all kinds of drinks, stainless steel is also very hard to break.

For example, we've had a steel bottle “fall” from a third storey window with no more than a scratch, yet a funky plastic bottle came to a sad end within a week when it was dropped on the tiled kitchen floor.

Silicone is another healthy, environmentally friendly and durable option that can quite literally be thrown around the playground. It doesn't play well with sharp objects though so you would need to make sure it didn't accidentally get stabbed by a compass.

Choosing a bottle that is easy to drink from

How easy a water bottle is to drink from may or may not be an issue depending on your child. Many children are quite capable and happy to take a lid off their bottle, while others, particularly younger children or those who play a lot of sports may need/desire a sports or straw style cap.

Klean Kanteen and Fosh both have easy access caps that don't leak and both can be switched to fully leak proof lids for times when that would be a better option. Klean Kanteen also make a sippy lid that is perfect for toddlers attending nursery or preschool.

However if leak-proof is a must the flip or sports lids may not be the best option as it's easy to forget to close them properly especially if you're 7 years old and in a hurry.

Design - Cool water bottles for school

What is cool and what is not cool changes and will vary by age and what your kids are into but one thing that is definitely cool is saving the planet. Our children are leading the charge when it comes to sustainability and so a reusable water bottle is always going to be the cool option. Or it certainly should be.

All our bottles score highly on the eco-friendly scale so really it's about letting your children choose their favourite design. And hopefully, if they love the bottle they'll look after it as well.

Klean Kanteen have some brilliant bottles for younger children that are just 12oz capacity making them the perfect size for lunch boxes. For older, thirstier children we can't rate FOSH highly enough. Their graffiti pattern is very popular and there is a great range of really vibrant colours all available with handy leak-proof flip lids.

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