The Best Wooden Tea Sets for Toddlers

Kids love making cups of tea. Unfortunately a love they seem to grow out of before they can make you a real cuppa. So a wooden tea set is a great toy for toddlers.

Like a toy kitchen, a doctor set or a toolbox, a tea set is a great role play toy that encourages children to get creative and use their imaginations. When children play pretend they are not just having fun, they are learning vital key skills and figuring out the world around them.

Our favourite tea sets for toddlers are brightly coloured, engaging, and the perfect size for little hands. They allow children to practise their fine and gross motor skills while they play, as well as developing their language and communication skills, emotional and social skills and exercising their imagination.

And it’s not just tea sets. While watching adults pour tea from the pot into matching cups and saucers may have been commonplace for children in years gone by nowadays there are plenty of children who are probably more familiar with a coffee machine that a teapot. Plus of course, children don’t drink tea, so we also love the other sets such as the Big Jigs milk and cookies set or the various breakfast sets that offer very similar opportunities for imaginative play.

Our top picks for toddlers.

  1. The Djeco Foxes Party Tea Set. This set is absolutely stunning, completely unisex, and has everything your toddler could wish for. The tray is easy to carry, the teapot has a proper handle and you even get a cuttable birthday cake. As with all Djeco toys the attention to detail is exquisite and we can’t get enough of the cute little tea bags.
  2. The Tender Leaf Toys Tea Tray Set. This is another gorgeous tea set that has everything a toddler could wish for. This set has yummy looking biscuits instead of cake and the tea bags are different so they can offer you lemon or mint (great for playing cafes). Again the attention to detail is really great and the tray is a lovely feature that is particularly popular with toddlers.
  3. The Green Toys Tea Set. This isn’t a wooden tea set, and it’s not the most beautiful tea set we sell but it is absolutely perfect for toddlers. Yes, it’s plastic but it’s post-consumer recycled plastic and the fact that it is made of plastic means you can play with it in the bath, the paddling pool and the mud kitchen. And you can put real water in it which toddlers love.
  4. The Big Jigs Milk and Cookies Set. This one isn’t actually a tea set, but you know what, most toddlers don’t drink tea. This way they can serve up milk and cookies to their toys just like you serve them. Perfect for developing empathy and practising playing different roles.

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