The Best Wooden Toys for Babies

Wooden Baby Toys

Wooden infant toys have been around for centuries and have a long history in the world. These toys are still popular even today especially for environmentally-conscious parents and parents with minimalist taste. Some of these toys could even double as nursery or playroom decoration. Most wooden baby toys are safe for babies because they are made using high quality materials and finished with non-toxic water-based paints and dyes.

Choosing wooden baby toys over their plastic alternatives is also good for the environment. Wooden baby toys biodegrade faster and they could last for many years if you look after them and take care of them properly.

Let’s take a look at some of our favourite wooden baby toys..

Bigjigs Activity Ball

This lovely activity ball from Bigjigs comes with a wide range of bright colours that are guaranteed to attract your little one’s attention and entertain her for hours. It also has a wide variety of shapes, sizes and produces pleasant sounds when shaken. It is easy to grasp, very flexible and lightweight. Perfect toy for sensory play and to stimulate your little one’s fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Suitable for babies 3 months and older.

Made from quality responsibly sourced materials and like other Bigjigs Toys, this activity ball conforms to current EU and international safety standards.

Bigjigs Rainbow Rattle

Another fantastic wooden baby toy from Bigjigs is their rainbow rattle. This rattle will entertain your little one as the bell produces pleasant sounds when the rattle is rolled or shaken. Perfect wooden toy to help your baby develop her dexterity, colour recognition, fine motor skills and sensory development.

Grimms Grasping Toy Bead Ring

Grimms is known for their rainbow coloured wooden toys and similarly this grasing toy for babies is just as colourful. It features 12 wooden rainbow coloured ballads strung together with a durable and strong elastic. Perfect toy to give a baby from around three months, when she starts using her hands and fingers to explore her surroundings. This grasper is a good way to practice her fine motor skills, hand eye coordination and dexterity. This is handcrafted by Grimms and finished with child-friendly paint and safe natural inks.

Heimess Touch Ring 4 Rings Rainbow

This rainbow touch ring from Heimess features safe movable parts that babies can explore with their hands and fingers. Ideal toy for encouraging babies to use their hands and fingers to practice their dexterity, hand eye coordination and fine motor skills. This lovely toy is handmade by Heimess in Germany using high quality responsibly sourced wooden materials and finished with non-toxic dyes.

Bigjigs Triangle Twister

This triangle twister from Bigjigs is a good wooden starter toy for babies. It offers hours upon hours of fun and entertainment. As your baby plays with this wonderful toy, she is developing her dexterity, fine motor skills, hand eye coordination and colour recognition. Made from high quality responsibly sourced wooden materials and finished with non-toxic and safe dyes and paints.


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