The Natural Beauty of Ostheimer Animals

Discover the natural beauty of Ostheimer animals

There is something undeniably beautiful and truly unique about each and every Ostheimer animal. Handcrafted at every stage of their production Ostheimer animals retain the beauty of the responsibly sourced hardwood they are made from allowing children a tactile connection to this warm natural material.

Ostheimer focus on giving the best to our children, through the natural beauty of their toys, through their commitment to handcrafting and sustainable production, and through their wider commitment to fostering community and social change.

Simple toys that allow your child’s imagination to take the lead

Ostheimer toys are specifically designed to be simple. The form and colours of the figures and animals have been deliberately minimalised to allow children’s own sense of fantasy to breath life into their toys. And yet despite this simplicity, each figure is full of character.

When children are not presented with a fixed concept there is more space for their imagination to take the lead. The simple, tactile forms allow their own creativity and fantasies to breath life into the figures.

When children are allowed to create their own scenes and scenarios their imaginations run wild. Children’s minds are unlimited by the constraints of reality. They can create a world in which people and animals are living side by side, the lion and the deer become friends.

The beauty of using natural materials

Ostheimer have been handmaking wooden toys for generations with the intention of giving children “A good and lovely image of the world around them”, making them from wood just adds to the magic.

Trees are a living part of the world we live in. They provide shelter and shade, they give food, they give us clean air to breathe and they capture and store carbon. Treating the wood with respect retains this sense of life, vitality and abundance. Ostheimer even use the offcuts of wood to heat the buildings where they make the toys.

The toys are made by hand from start to finish. A handmade template is used to stamp the basic outline of the figure or animal onto a sustainably sourced piece of hardwood. They are then hand-sawn to give the basic shape.

Next up the toys are shaped and sanded, given natural contours that make them both comfortable to hold and gives the figures a more lifelike form. Once sanded to a smooth finish they are painted, by hand, with transparent colours that allow the beauty and warmth of the wood to shine through.

Giving children access to wooden toys, toys that are tactile and chunky, gives them access to nature even when they are playing indoors. It keeps them connected to the natural world in a very real way, allowing them to experience nature with all their senses while they play.

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