Things You Donít Need for a Baby

We have a great list of baby essentials including many eco-friendly alternatives to the more common disposable or plastic options. But while there are a number of items that can be considered essential when looking after a newborn, it would be pretty ticky to manage without nappies or something you can use as a nappy, there are other items that might have appeal but are certainly not baby essentials.

With this in mind we take a look at some things you might see available in the shops or online that are certainly not essential items you need to worry about buying while you are getting ready for your baby to arrive.

Non-Essential Baby Items

Here is a list of a few non-essential baby items that you can probably do without. Even if some of them are very cute or quite appealing.

Baby shoes

Yes they look adorable! But, they are certainly not an essential baby item. Until babies learn to walk they really don’t need shoes. Although depending on the time of year they are born you might decide you want some extra thick socks or little booties to keep their toes warm while they are out and about especially if you opt for a baby carrier over a pram or pushchair where the baby is more likely to be snuggled up in a blanket.

Even socks are fairly unnecessary unless you need an extra layer of warmth while carrying. They tend to constantly fall off so you may find you are better off choosing baby grows that have feet or baby tights over little socks you just end up losing.

Baby Towels and Dressing Gowns

Both these items are cute and easy to fall for, but generally not needed for a newborn. Normal towels work just as well if not better for drying a baby, baby towels can often be very cute but not very absorbent.

Baby robes may look cute but they’re not practical and your baby doesn’t need them. There’s no denying that if you get given one you’ll be able to pop them in it and take a cute picture but the likelihood is that’s the only time you’ll ever actually use it.

Wipe Warmers

Yes its a thing, and no you don’t need to buy one. If you are using reusable wipes you can easily use warm water if you prefer, either from the tap at home or using a small flask while you are out. But honestly, most babies survive just fine without the luxury of warm baby wipes.

Impractical Baby Clothes

While you might like a cute little outfit for a photo shoot or a special occasion most of the time you want your baby dressed in something that is really easy to change a nappy in, can be thrown in the washing machine and is a fabric that doesn’t need ironing. Poppers are great, buttons take time.


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