Thoughtful Christmas Gifts for the Woman Who Wants Nothing

There must be something about women who do not like gifts at all. Perhaps they are already content with what they have because they already have everything they want and need. Or maybe they already have a clear picture of what they like and already set a timeline when they would buy them personally.

There really is no point guessing because you can just ask them why they do not want to receive gifts. They might be embarrassed to tell you that they do not want to receive gifts because they do not want you to worry about buying gifts. They totally understand that buying gifts can be a bit challenging. Regardless of their reasons, it should not prevent you from making a good gesture and let them feel special during the holiday season.

If you do not have any idea where to start, swing by at your local ethical shop or visit an online shop selling ethical and eco-friendly goods. Remember that a gift can be thoughtful as well as environmentally friendly. These eco-friendly Christmas gift ideas can be used daily and will definitely make the lives of your special someone easy.

Even if your lady told you that she does not want anything this Christmas, she still wants to come home and relax after a long day at the office. Aromatherapy candles, scented hygge candles, Himalayan salt lamps, bath melts and fizzers are only a few ideas that will make her relax and relieve her stress.

Christmas time is known to be very cold so perhaps she wants to spend an evening cuddling and snuggling under a cosy blanket with you. Respiin’s wool throw is highly recommended because it is ethically made from repurposed wool.

For the woman who’s enjoying an active lifestyle, you can definitely buy her a stainless steel water bottle to keep her hydrated in style while on the go or a reusable coffee cup so she could enjoy her favourite coffee while on the way for work. Other good gift ideas are reusable straws, food flasks and stainless steel lunch boxes. Bringing her favourite home-cooked meals and snacks at work can save her a lot of money in the long run plus it is a good way to eat healthy.

All of us use personal care products for our personal hygiene everyday so why not buy her some of her favourite personal care products? Or better yet, buy something natural if she has not tried this type of product already. There is a wide selection of natural soaps, shampoo bars, bath bombs and bath salts that would make for thoughtful Christmas gifts for her. If she is into perfumes, then you can buy her a box of Pacifica perfume which is recommended for vegans.

You can also set a good example and encourage her to try living sustainably by gifting her ethically made tote shopping bags. They are a lot better than plastic because they are reusable. You can also use them for other things like storage for toys or old clothes.


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