Thoughtful Kindness Gift Ideas

Whether you are giving random kindness gifts, birthday presents or Christmas gifts it’s always nice to put a bit of extra thought into your shopping and focus on getting something you know the person you are buying for will really appreciate. And of course, we believe that thought should also be given to the people who made the gift and the resources used because giving a gift should be a good thing for everyone involved.

Thought Socks

No list of thoughtful gifts would be complete without the fabulous thought socks. These socks are ethically made so they are thoughtful for the planet as well as being among the softest socks you’re ever likely to wear.

Add a bar of delicious slavery-free chocolate or a hot choc shot for a sweet treat and give someone the excuse to take five minutes just for them. Or add a pumice stone and a bath fizzer for an at-home foot spa experience.

Fair Trade Gifts

If you’ve made a choice to shop more consciously then fair trade gifts are a great place to start. You can buy some gorgeous things for the home including luxurious throws and colourful sun catchers that are ethically made, often from recycled materials. These are thoughtful for both the recipient and the makers who you know have been paid fairly for the work they have done.

Edible Gifts

While we all love giving and choosing things that we think people will love, sometimes receiving more things that we have to find space for in our homes and lives can slightly spoil the sentiment.

So with this in mind, unless you are absolutely sure they need and will love what you are giving them why not consider edible gifts as a thoughtful alternative. Treat people to those little luxuries they might not buy for themselves like a really good bag of coffee or some decadent snacks. Or play it safe and go for yummy chocolate treats for all the family.

Eco Friendly Gifts

If you know people who put the planet first, or who think might embrace a few eco-friendly swaps then why not give gifts that are kind to the planet.

It might feel a bit odd giving a dish brush and a bar of solid dish soap or a bundle of sandwich bags and food wraps but you can create lovely looking gifts that might end up being real favourites and have your recipients asking where you got it from so they can keep up the good work.

Straws and reusable cups make great gifts as well. And while we wouldn’t recommend a dustpan and brush or toilet brush set as a valentine gift for your beloved they are actually very practical and thoughtful gifts for other times of the year.

And of course eco-friendly gifts could also include bath and beauty gifts such as reusable make-up wipes or solid shampoo.


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