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Shop our range of education and eco-friendly toys that includes building blocks, stacking toys, ride-ons, puzzles and many more. Time flies as your little one grows and by 18 months you are most likely in full-on toddler territory. Your little one is probably walking and talking, or will be soon and traditional wooden toys such as puzzles, ride on's and vehicles are suddenly starting to appeal and hold their engagement. This is the perfect time to start moving away from newborn baby toys and starting to look at our fantastic range of toddler toys that encourages learning through play. 

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Bigjigs Rocking Horse Wooden
Indigo Jamm Jamm Scoot - Racing Red
£68.00  (3)
Indigo Jamm Jamm Scoot Hearts
£68.00  (3)
Indigo Jamm Jamm Scoot Aqua Racer
£62.00  (1)
Grimm's Wooden Cars Slimline
Indigo Jamm Noahs Wooden Ark
£48.00  (3)
Indigo Jamm Touring Taylor Transporter
£48.00  (2)
Indigo Jamm Flying Felix
£45.95  (8)
Indigo Jamm Recycling Ronnie
£44.00  (3)
Indigo Jamm Bernie's Number Bus
£39.00  (10)
Indigo Jamm Tractor Tim
£39.00  (10)
Indigo Jamm Colin Camper Van
£38.00  (21)
Tender Leaf The Friend Ship
Indigo Jamm Princess Polly Carriage
£34.00  (1)
Tender Leaf Toys Noah's Shape Sorter Ark
£32.50  (2)
Indigo Jamm Casey Camper Van
£38.00   £30.00
Indigo Jamm Little Carpenters Toolbox
£30.00  (10)
Indigo Jamm Benji Bus
£38.00   £29.00  (3)
20% OFF
Green Toys Wagon Orange
£33.49   £26.79  (2)
Tender Leaf Toys Garden Patch Puzzle
£22.50  (1)
Indigo Jamm Charlie's Car
£22.00  (9)
Bigjigs Build Up Train
Indigo Jamm Percy Plane
£20.00  (15)
Indigo Jamm Racing Robbie
Indigo Jamm Rocky Racer
£20.00  (14)
20% OFF
Green Toys Block Set
£23.99   £19.19
20% OFF
Green Toys Fire Truck
£23.99   £19.19
20% OFF
Green Toys Recycling Truck
£23.99   £19.19
20% OFF
Green Toys School Bus
£23.99   £19.19
Bigjigs Magnetic Weather Board
Bigjigs Emma Doll Large
Bigjigs Georgie Doll Large
Bigjigs Penny Doll Large
Bigjigs Stacking Bulldozer
Bigjigs Stacking Tractor
Bigjigs Susie Doll Large
Tender Leaf Dream House Blocks
£17.95  (1)
Tidlo Rainbow Drum
£16.94  (5)
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Page 1 of 3:    156 Items 

Toys for Toddlers

Here at Baba Me we believe that toys for toddlers should provide hours of entertainment, fun and imaginative play, educational and most importantly, safe for our toddlers. All the toys included in our toys for toddlers collection tick all these boxes.

We have a wide selection of intuitive, fun and educational toys for toddlers. From simple yet challenging puzzles to building blocks, we have toys that can help during your toddler’s early development. These toys are designed to spark imagination and stimulate creativity thus creating a fun learning experience for your toddlers as they play. Mini puzzles help with developing problem-solving skills while promoting independent thinking. Building blocks, sorters and stackers encourages hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, color and shape recognition as well as cognitive skills. These toys can be used as teaching tools for basic maths like arithmetic and counting. Dolls and toy sets like vehicle models promote role-playing which can be enjoyed either solo or with others. Interacting with other toddlers can boost your toddlers’ confidence and improve their communication and language skills.

Made from eco-friendly materials like responsibly sourced wood and recycled plastic and finished with non-toxic water-based paint, these toys are 100% safe for your toddlers and on the environment. All toys conform to European and international safety standards on toddlers’ toys.

If you are looking for powerful early learning tools in the form of toys, look no further than our collection of some of the best toys for toddlers.

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