Top 5 Tenderleaf Role Play Toys

tenderleaf toys

Role playing is an important part of a child’s early learning and development. Through role playing, children are able to see things in different angles and perspectives. It also allows them to play roles based on their experience. Role playing also provides a risk-free environment for children to experiment and explore new ideas. As parents, you can maximise your child’s learning and development potential by buying toys that are designed for role playing. A good example of these toys is Tenderleaf Toys.

Tenderleaf Toys is a popular brand of wooden toys. Their toys are designed for curious minds and facilitate learning in so many ways. Little children can learn about themselves and the world around them as they play with these toys. Additionally, these toys allow children to think for themselves and decide how to play them. They are not bound to any rules much like imagination is limitless.

Buying the right role playing toys is just as important as encouraging your children to engage in fun and educational imaginative play. So here’s our list of the best role play toys from popular toy brand Tenderleaf Toys.

Tenderleaf Toys Wooden Animals

tenderleaf toys

Tenderleaf Toys has a wide range of wooden animal toys that are perfect additions to your wooden animal collection. These toys come in bright colours which are guaranteed to catch your child’s attention. From farm animals like pigs to extinct ones like dinosaurs, there is a Tenderleaf Toys wooden animal for every child.

You and your child can start your own wooden animal collection and Tenderleaf Toys wooden animals are the perfect toys to start. Ask your child what his favourite animals are and start from there. For instance, if your child loves farmyard animals you can collect animals that usually live in a farmyard like cows, horses, donkeys, pigs and many more.

Tenderleaf Toys Knight And Dragon Tales

tenderleaf toys

Children love fantasy stories because it is widely represented in different forms of media. So it should not come as a surprise if your child loves to role play as a prince or a knight on horseback. If your little boy wants to pretend that he is a knight in shining armour, then Tenderleaf Toys Knight And Dragon Tales set is the perfect toy for him.

This play set comes with a knight on horseback, a princess, a dragon and a castle’s main gate. You can encourage your child to retell his favourite fantasy tales while using this playset as props.

Tenderleaf Toys Mr Goodwood And His Dog

tenderleaf toys

Meet the wonderful Mr Goodwood and his adorable little dog. Mr Goodwood is wearing a scarf and a cozy knitted sweater while walking his dog on a sunny day. He can stand and has bendable legs. Mr Goodwood and his dog are made from responsibly sourced materials and finished with non-toxic paint. Your child can have a fun pretend play with his friends with Mr Goodwood and his dog.

Tenderleaf Toys Veggie Crate

tenderleaf toys

Tenderleaf Toys Veggie Crate is the perfect playset for budding chefs and market stall owners. Your little one can either pretend to be a chef cooking a delicious dish using healthy veggies as ingredients or a vendor at a farmer’s market selling her own produce.

The playset includes healthy veggies like pumpkin, mushroom, turnip, chili pepper, avocado and leek. All these little toy pieces come inside a green gingham fabric crate.

Tenderleaf Toys Mini Chef Chopping Board

tenderleaf toys

If your child loves to pretend to play as a chef, this is the perfect playset for her. Tenderleaf Toys Mini Chef Chopping Board comes with a cute chopping board, a wooden knife, a tomato in halves, an onion in 4 parts, a leek in 3 parts, beetroot in halves and a carrot in 3 parts.

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