Top 5 Tenderleaf Toys for Toddlers

tenderleaf toys

Toddlers are inherent explorers and they learn through play and exploring. Play and exploration give children the opportunity to learn and develop new skills at their own pace without having to worry about anything. They can pursue their interests through play and discover new things along the way. The toys that your children play have an important role in their development. Toys like Tenderleaf Toys are designed with toddlersí development in mind.

There are many things to look out for and consider when buying toys for toddlers. The toy should be age-appropriate meaning it should not have too many detachable parts that are potential choking hazards. Furthermore, that toy should be able to maximise your childís early learning potential. This means that a toy that does way too much will not help your toddlers learn things on their own because the toy already does it for them. Tenderleaf toys check all these boxes and thatís why we highly recommended them.

So hereís our top Tenderleaf toys for toddlers:

Tenderleaf Toys Pet Dog Set

tenderleaf toys

It is important to teach toddlers how to take care of pets and show respect and compassion towards animals. And what better way to teach them these lessons than buying a toy that you can use as a teaching tool. Tenderleaf Toys Pet Dog Set is the perfect toy for this. The set includes a charming basset hound dog, a dog bowl, a bone and a kennel. All toy pieces included in the set are made from responsibly sourced renewable rubberwood. Have a peace of mind knowing that these toys are chemical-free and 100% safe. Perfect complementary pieces of your toddlerís dollhouse as well.

Tenderleaf Toys Rainbow Birthday Cake

tenderleaf toys

This adorable Tenderleaf Toys Rainbow Birthday Cake set comes with 6 slices of rainbow coloured cake topped with 6 brightly coloured birthday candles and a lovely cake knife. Each slice of cake is held together by velcro and cut the cake open using the lovely cake knife to reveal the colourful interior.

Perfect toy for imaginative play. Your toddler can pretend that itís his birthday every day and he can even get to invite his friends over and share his birthday cake with them. This is a wonderful way to socialise and develop communication skills through interacting with others.

Tenderleaf Toys Ice Lolly Shop

tenderleaf toys

Your toddler can open her own lolly shop with Tenderleaf Toys Ice Lolly Shop set. This wonderful set comes with 6 amazing lollies painted with scrumptious colours. Each lolly is removable and made from solid rubberwood. Additionally, each stick has a sweet message printed on it and your toddler can mix and match these messages with lollies.

Tenderleaf Toys Sunny Doll Family

tenderleaf toys

Tenderleaf Toys Sunny Doll Family comes in a set of 4 brightly coloured wooden dolls. The Sunny Doll family consists of Dad, Mum, Boy and Girl. Each doll is handcrafted from solid sustainable rubber wood and painted with non-toxic paint. This happy family set is a perfect addition to your toddlerís doll collection.

Tenderleaf Toys Stacking Farmyard

tenderleaf toys

Tenderleaf Toys Stacking Farmyard is a good playset to encourage toddlers to engage in imaginative play and try their hand in stacking toys. Stacking toys are good toys for developing memory, problem solving skills and analytical thinking.

This set comes with 10 of the most popular farmyard animals, a hay bale, a wheelbarrow and a drawstring bag that feature a barn.

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