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Klean Kanteen is one of the most popular water bottle brands and for good reasons. Their water bottles are fantastic and provide safer drinking container alternatives to plastic. Klean Kanteen advocates safe hydration as well as reduction of plastic waste. Plastic water bottles pose a huge threat to our environment because these bottles are non-biodegradable. Instead, they pile up in our landfills and worse most of them are littered in our bodies of water. Plastic water bottles and plastic wastes have already claimed so lives among the marine life population. And we should do our part to reduce our plastic waste by drinking from reusable water bottles instead of drinking from plastic bottles.

If you are looking to make the switch today, look no further than Klean Kanteenís safe and eco-friendly water bottles and accessories. Klean Kanteen has a wide selection of water bottles that fit every age and lifestyle. Choosing the right water bottle for you might be challenging but do not worry. We made a list of our favourite Klean Kanteen products and accessories.

Klean Kanteen Vacuum Insulated Classic Bottle

This fantastic water bottle is based on Klean Kanteenís classic stainless steel water bottle and features their Climate Lock technology and double-wall vacuum insulation, keeping beverages cold for 90 hours or hot for 24 hours. It also features Klean Coat powder coat finish which is chip-resistant and durable, making this water bottle look good and last for many years. Perfect water bottle for every personís hydration needs and it is easy to carry too!

Klean Kanteen Kid Kanteen 355Ml Unicorn Leap

Letting your children drink from a reusable water bottle is a good way of setting them on a path of sustainable living. This adorable water bottle from Klean Kanteenís Kid Kanteen features a whimsical unicorn print, spill proof cap with dust cover, loop so that your child can easily attach this water bottle to her bag and vacuum insulation to keep her favourite cold juice iced for up to 40 hours. It is designed to make filling and pouring easy and simple. Additionally, this water bottle is compatible with all Klean Kanteen Classic Caps for easy transition as your child grows older.

Klean Kanteen Kanteen Tk-Pro Insulated 500ML

If you both enjoy the outdoors and hot beverage then this insulated thermal bottle is for you. Klean Kanteen Kanteen Tk-Pro Insulated comes in either shale black or brushed stainless steel. Both variants are wonderful so pick the colour that fits your style and personality. It features a pour through cap so you can enjoy your favourite at your desired temperature even if you are away from home. Thanks to Klean Kanteenís Climate Lock double wall vacuum insulation, this thermos jug can keep your beverage hot or cold for hours. 100% free from any plastic material which is a huge plus!

Klean Kanteen Sippy Cap 3.0

Klean Kanteen sippy cap is compatible with all Klean Kanteen classic water bottles so that your little one can have a safer hydration. It features a swing away metal loop that you can easily attach to your bag or childís stroller. 100% BPA free which makes it safe for drinking and the valve is removable for easy cleaning.

Klean Kanteen Sport Cap 3.0

The new and improved Klean Kanteen Sport Cap 3.0 is a wonderful water bottle accessory from Klean Kanteen. It is compatible with Classic Klean Kanteens only and features an improved valve and a soft silicone spout. It is still dishwasher safe and has better leak resistance than the previous models.

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