Toy Ambulance Buying Guide

Toys with wheels are amazing toys for kids. They offer hours upon hours of fun and imaginative play. At the same time, they are great early developmental toys. Speed-loving children absolutely love playing with them and you can see them drive their toy ambulance around the house all day.

Playing with toy ambulances is fantastic for role-playing and imaginative play. Many child experts agree that pretend-play plays an important role in a child’s early development. It allows children to understand how the world works around them and encourages them to expand their imagination and creativity.

These toys are so popular that there are many options to choose from. To help you find the best toy ambulance for your child, we have written a buying guide.

Choose wooden toys

With growing concerns about the effects of plastic to our environment, many people are switching from plastic-based products to eco-friendly alternatives. Increased demand for products made from sustainable and natural materials has driven sales for wooden toymakers around the world this past few years. Many parents are favouring wooden toys over plastic ones which are often unsafe.

Toy brands like Tidlo, Tenderleaf and Indigo Jamm are at the forefront of the wooden toys industry. They make great toys from responsibly sourced wooden materials. For example, Tenderleaf uses rubberwood which is a by-product of the rubber industry. All their toys conform to European and international safety standards so you are sure that your child is playing with a toy that is 100% safe and free from toxic materials.

Simple Toys

Children are drawn into brightly coloured toys that often make unique sounds. While these toys provide hours of fun play, they’re not as good as simple toys in terms of developmental value. Battery-operated toys that do a lot of things like making unique sounds do not encourage the use of imagination. Simple toys, on the other hand, facilitates fun and imaginative play. A wooden toy ambulance that does not make sounds will encourage your child to use his imagination and make his own siren sounds.


Toy accessories add entertainment value to toys but they are entirely optional. If you have a little extra money, we highly recommend buying accessories like a toy hospital or doctor playset. These accessories will most certainly make your child’s play sessions more fun, engaging and realistic.

Children love to role-play and with a doctor playset or a toy hospital, your kids can pretend-play as doctor or emergency responders. Doctor playsets like the Tender Leaf Toys Doctors and Nurses Set Doctor Play Set and Indigo Jamm Little Doctors Set come with the usual medical equipment like a stethoscope, thermometer, reflex hammer, medicine and many more. Your child will learn about these equipment and know what they are used for. This may inspire your child to pursue a career in the medical field.

Another fantastic toy from Tidlo is their Wooden Hospital Playset. It comes with a mini-hospital with 3 floors, a road and air ambulance, ward beds and medical equipment like MRI scanner and X-ray machines.


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