Toy Bus for Babies

The Best Toy Buses for Babies

We all remember singing the wheels on the bus going round and round as children and if you have a baby it’s bound to come out at some point. It’s a great song for repetition, actions and gets sung everywhere so babies soon get the idea that buses are fun.

Combine that with the fact that the big red AEC Routemaster is an icon of British engineering and familiar as a bus to pretty much any child, and the fact that school buses have been painted bright yellow in America since 1939 and you have a toy that both children and adults are drawn to.

There are so many bus toys available that it can be hard to decide which is best, especially if you are gifting it to a baby. So with that in mind here are a few of our favourites.

The Moulin Roty Musical Bus

Turn the dial and listen to the tune as each different character appears in the window of the bus. This makes a lovely gift for a baby as it is something they can continue to use and enjoy for many years although, to begin with, you will have to help them.

The gorgeous 1950’s circus design also makes this a fabulous bit of decor for their bedroom or playspace.

The Indigo Jamm Mini Birnie Bus and Evelyn

This Mini Bernie Bus toy is the perfect size for little hands and a great introduction to the Indigo Jamm range. Bernie is ideal for developing fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination as well as fostering interaction and as it has wheels encouraging children to push it around.

Indigo Jamm also makes a range of board books that are perfect for babies and ideal for sparking creativity and imagination as you read together. The combination of this little bus and a book would make a wonderful gift that will be loved by parents and babies alike.

Tender Leaf Toys London Bus Money Box

Although this isn’t a gift that will be played with straight away a money box makes a lovely christening or newborn baby gift especially if they already have plenty of toys. It makes a lovely bit of decoration, a baby will love looking at the bright colours and as it’s designed to be a toy as well as a money box it can be played with as the baby gets older.

Starting little ones saving from a young age is also great, and you can give them pennies for their money box rather than gifts as they get older which can be put towards things they really want or need.


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