Toy Castle Building Blocks

Every child should have a set of building blocks and a toy castle is loads of fun to play with so why not combine the two?

Building Blocks Are Good for Development

Children use blocks in different ways as they grow but they offer huge developmental benefits even from a young age and certainly before children are really able to engage in the creative and imaginative elements of small world play.

Building towers and stacking blocks are brilliant at teaching children hand-eye coordination and dexterity as well as teaching them about object permanence and cause and effect. Grabbing the blocks uses fine motor skills and placing them carefully requires dexterity and spatial awareness.

Then there are the emotional skills. Learning to keep trying and not to give up even if it takes multiple attempts to build the tower. And of course, learning that like it or not our towers almost always come crashing down at some point.

By playing with blocks children are also developing their problem-solving skills. They figure out why the tower topples when they place blocks in certain ways and not in others. And they learn basic maths and engineering skills.

As children get older though just building towers loses its appeal. They want to actually build something. And this is when having a specific set of castle building blocks can give them a new lease of life as a completely different toy.

Building Castles

There are a variety of different styles of castle building blocks available.

Some like the Plan Toys blocks are very like classic building blocks but with castle elements that allow you to easily create towers or battlements. Add a few knights and a royal family and you have a perfect castle playset.

Other sets like the Tender Leaf Toys castle sets click together to create a much more stable play castle. These are the perfect next stage to a basic set of building blocks and ideal for when children have already mastered the basic stacking skills.

Grimms make some beautiful stacking toys many of which can be combined to make the most fantastic castle creations or anything else for that matter. And in fact, choosing open-ended toys like this gives a huge variety of options.

Finally Ostheimer make the most stunning collection of castle elements that you can mix and match to create your own perfect castle. You could start with the basic castle assortment which is great for little ones developing their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills and then add additional elements as they grow. The Bell Tower is particularly stunning, and every fairytale land needs a well for wishes to come true.

We also love their rainbow castle set which is the perfect combination of building blocks and castle toy. It even comes with 4 royal figures to inhabit the castle once you’ve built it and a well for the courtyard.


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