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toy garage

Shop the best toy garages here at Baba Me. A playroom or nursery is not complete without toy cars. And toy cars need garages too!

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Plan Toys Road System Deluxe
£79.95   £67.96
Plan Toys Race N Play Parking Toy Garage
£49.96   £42.47
Tidlo Small World Toy Garage
£44.95   £33.95
Small Foot Repair Shop with Gas Station

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One of the ways children play with their toys is by imitating the adults in their lives. They pretend to be dad driving the family car to work or pretend to be mum going for a quick run to the nearest grocery store. Toy garages give children a chance to role play and understand everyday living better. And it can be a lot of fun playing them.

Toy garages and carparks always make for amazing gifts for little children. These playsets come in a wide range of sizes, styles, and colours so there’s definitely a toy garage for every child. They are popular among children, especially those that love playing with toy cars. Playing with toy cars is already fun but having a toy garage adds another layer of excitement.

Toy garages are fairly simple toys that are affordable and inexpensive. But some types of garages feature several floors with different built-in accessories like race tracks, parking lots, petrol stations and many more. Some of these toys can be used as toy storage that fold up or collapse into boxes.

Our Toy Garage Range

Are you looking for the best garages for your child? No worries, we offer high-quality wooden toy garages which are built to last!

Our range of toy garages from popular toy brands like Plan Toys, Tidlo, Tender Leaf Toys and Small foot will suit all ages, styles, and budget ranges. From the mini wooden garage from small foot, up to the large and impressive Blue Bird Garage from Tenderleaf, which includes a city garage, car wash, petrol pumps, and wooden cars.

We love the 3 storeys wooden toy garage from Indigo Jamm, complete with its own garage lift! The bright colours will stir up your child's imagination, as they park their wooden car.