Toy Kitchen Accessories

Toy kitchen accessories make your child's imagination run wild

We have a range of kitchen accessories that will help your little chef learn through role-play. Our cooking pots are perfect for children who love to cook and bake, while our baking sets can make a budding baker happy. Encourage creativity and imagination as your little chef learns through role-play and imitation. 

Accessories to encourage creativity and imagination as your little chef learns through role-play and imitation

  • Your kids can learn how to cook and bake in a safe environment.
  • Encourage creativity and imagination with our accessories.
  • Imitation is a key part of learning 
  • Kids will have fun with their friends in the kitchen 
  • Give your child a sense of accomplishment as they learn new skills through roleplay
  • Helps developed social skills by encouraging communication

Kids play kitchens are fun to play but you can make your children's playtime more exciting with play kitchen accessories. A baking set can make a budding baker happy or cooking pots for your little chef so he can try different recipes. You can also encourage healthy eating habits by allowing them to prepare their own food with our wooden kitchen accessory set or pretend food set. These toys are great for encouraging imaginative play so they can pretend they are chefs in their very own restaurant! Let them become the master of their domain with these kitchen accessories toys today!

Our range of kitchen accessories include kitchen utensils set, wooden kitchen accessory, kitchen appliance, children's pots, pans, pretend food and more perfect toys for role play.

Kids play kitchens are fun to play but you can make your children’s playtime more exciting with accessories. A baking set can make a budding baker happy or cooking pots for your little check so he can try different recipes. Encourage creativity and imagination as your little chef learns through role-play and imitation. Roleplay is an important part of a child's development as it builds confidence, enhances communication skills and can help them develop their ability to problem-solve. These are only a few reasons why wooden kitchen accessory sets are popular toys.

As kids play, it helps them along by creating their own play kitchens full of lifelike appliances and other, and watch their imaginations run wild as they act out creating elaborate meals or fancy tea parties for their dolls and friends. These playsets are the perfect gift for any occasion like Christmas or Birthdays to go alongside a kitchen or shop.

Acting out real-life situations is a perfect way for them to learn about them at their own pace. And you might even find that getting creative in their play kitchen will make them more adventurous when it comes to real food as well.

Mixing up delicious cocktails in the Djeco Smoothie Maker could make them much more up for trying different combinations of the real thing. And when they see all the yummy toppings on the Tidlo Cutting Pizza you might find you have no choice but to let them have a go next time it's pizza night. Let your little chef explore their culinary side with our range of fun accessories for kids' kitchens!

Shop from a fabulous range of playsets and utensils providing everything a budding chef needs to get creative in their kitchen playset. From beautiful enamel kitchen sets, complete with oven gloves and kitchen utensils, to stunning wooden kitchen appliances, all ready for your little one to serve up everything from tea and toast to a full three-course meal for the whole family.

We love the Indigo Jamm Jamm Toaster that comes with two slices of toast and a little pat of butter with velcro slices that children need to cut themselves. There's a matching kettle as well. And who wouldn't want a nice glass of freshly squeezed orange juice for breakfast or a cooling glass of homemade lemonade on a hot day?

The Big Jigs young chef baking sets can even be used for real baking with mum and dad. Perfect for learning to cook, building confidence and allowing children to begin to understand how food is made, where it's from and the ingredients they need. Don't be surprised if you have to buy play flour, eggs, butter and sugar so they can make their own as well.

Every little chef needs a set of pots and pans for pretend play. We have a great selection to choose from at babame, ranging from a full non-stick cookware set from Tidlo to the beautifully crafted wooden pots and pans by Big Jigs and Indigo Jamm.

Of course, we can't forget the appliances. What play kitchen would be complete without a kettle or Toaster, making it a proper grown up kitchen? And once you've boiled the kettle you'll probably need a toy tea set as well.

All of our kitchen accessories are made with non toxic materials and you can wipe clean with a damp cloth. Our wood toys are very durable and will last for years giving hours and hours of endless fun and joy! Some of them may contain small parts and details so may not be suitable for very little ones. Always check the age recommendation on each toy.

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