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Search for toys by age to fill your child's toy box with traditional wooden toys, puzzles and educational sets that are age-appropriate and will help develop key skills through fun and imaginative play.


Most of our toy collection is finished in bright colours to help with your little one's colour recognition. They are also designed with your child's tiny hands in mind to develop their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. We also have toys like dolls and action figures that encourage interaction with others, which can lead to improved social and language skills. We made gift giving easy with our playsets collection.

Shop our great range of children's toys and find the perfect gifts to delight and inspire. Whether you are looking for a great gift for a friend's new baby or the perfect present for an 8-year old that would rather be glued to a screen, searching our collection can help narrow down the options and make sure you don't miss any hidden gems.

Baby Toys

If you are looking for baby toys to treat a new arrival then you have come to the right place. We stock a great range of soft cuddly toys that are perfect from birth as well as lots of great wooden baby toys that will keep little ones engaged through all their developmental milestones of the first year.

Choosing the perfect gifts for a new arrival

Whether you are looking for a gift to welcome a new baby to the world, something for babies first Christmas, or even a first birthday gift we have lots of lovely toys that are perfect for little ones.

Soft toys will always be a winner with tiny tots and are often loved for years to come, becoming a favourite friend that can't possibly be left out of any adventure or a soothing comforter to help them sleep and make them feel better if they get poorly.

We love Moulin Roty's range of baby toys for their soft fabrics, the range of textures, and the beautiful designs that both babies and parents are destined to fall in love with. The comforters and rattles make the perfect gift for a new baby. Suitable from birth they feature lots of colours and textures to stimulate the senses, have plenty of bits to suck and chew on, and the rattles provide auditory stimulation as well giving an early lesson in cause and effect.

Rubens barn dolls also make a lovely gift for a newborn. All but the Original and Little Rubens are suitable from birth and make a lovely gift that will be played with for years and years. Their range of all-natural, organic Eco-Bud dolls is the most beautiful handmade rag dolls that would make a perfect gift for any new baby. And the Rubens Baby dolls are even anatomically correct!

Pram toys are another great buy for babies and will undoubtedly get used lots and lots when babies are out and about in the pram or car seat, or even just for use in a cot at home.

Plus there are lots of lovely wooden toys for babies. Some are perfect for grasping and chewing, some that rattle and shake, and others that are more open-ended toys that will again be loved for years and played with in different ways as the baby grows.

Whatever you don't forget the teething toys. They might not have teeth straight away but teething comes round pretty quickly and any parent will be grateful for safe chew toys that are natural and toxin-free and might just provide a teething baby with a bit of relief.

Need a bit of inspiration? Here are our top ten toys for 0-1-year-olds:

  1. Djeco Babyshaki. Small but perfectly formed this lovely little rattle is a great introduction to the stunning world of Djeco. The beautifully illustrated lion is sure to catch babies attention and rattling beads provide both auditory and visual stimulation.
  2. Moulin Roty Activity Rattle. This gorgeous rattle in spicy autumnal tones has a huge amount going on to keep the baby entertained and learning. It's visually beautiful with lots of different colours and textures for the baby to explore. Auditory stimulation is provided by the elephant rattle and the crinkly velvet leaves. There's a little mirror that babies always love, and it's all connected together by a stimulating teething ring.
  3. Goki Picture Book. Introduce babies to reading from day one with a lovely soft picture book. Perfect for stimulating the senses there are eight pictures all with lots of bright colours and patterns. Plus they incorporate a rattle, squeaker and crackling foil for auditory stimulation as well.
  4. Rubens Barn Eco-Bud. There are six Eco-Bud's in the range, you can choose either a boy or a girl, and all are equally stunning. These soft handmade dolls are made from organic cotton and are 100% natural making them perfect for cuddles with a delicate baby. These dolls are also a wonderful investment as they are loved just as much by toddlers and preschoolers as they are babies.
  5. A Just B Snail Teether. Or any other natural rubber teether for that matter. These teethers by Just B are soft, chewable and the perfect size for little hands. They squeak when you squeeze them and are great fun for playing in the bath. What more could you want?
  6. A Grimms Rainbow Grasper. This simple wooden grasper makes a lovely baby toy. Joined together with strong elastic these tactile wooden beads can be pulled, rolled and chewed for hours. A lovely first introduction to the Grimms range and a perfect eco-friendly new baby gift.
  7. A spinning music box. We stock a range of gorgeous musical boxes that are perfect for captivating a fractious baby or soothing them to sleep. The gorgeous Djeco Friends Melody Musical Box makes a perfect baby gift. It features a little fox and rabbit that waltz and spin to Brahms Lullaby.
  8. Plan Toys Dino Cars. Children love cars and dinosaurs so why not combine the two. These brightly coloured dinos are made from PlanWood and water-based toxin-free dyes. They are safe to chew, waterproof, easy to clean and great fun to push around. These probably aren't a gift for a newborn but would make a perfect present for a first Christmas or Birthday.
  9. Plan Toys My First Phone. Another great first birthday or Christmas gift this little phone is perfect for little ones. It has a handy strap to attach to a pushchair or wrist, a magnifier screen and brightly coloured buttons. Perfect for imitating grown-ups and developing language and role-play skills.
  10. An Activity Walker. Perfect for babies that are beginning to find their feet an activity walker makes a great gift. They can be used from when a baby is sitting until long after they are walking around and will simply be played with and used in different ways as your little ones grow.

Playsets for Toddlers

As children move out of the baby stage and start walking and talking they also start being able to play with lots of amazing children's toys that were previously out of reach. Think wooden toy kitchens, train sets, building blocks, puzzles and more.

Again we have a fantastic range of wooden children's toys that are developmentally appropriate and will stimulate creativity and imagination in children as they develop key skills from dexterity and fine motor skills through to vocabulary and narrative thinking.

This age is a great time to start collecting wonderful high-quality open-ended toys that will be played within a variety of different ways for years to come. And of course, can be passed on for others to enjoy or kept for future generations.

Top kid’s playsets we think should be in every playroom:

  1. Building Blocks. Building blocks are a staple because they can be used in so many ways and are great for developing all sorts of key skills. Young children will love knocking down towers and will quickly develop their dexterity, fine motor skills, problem-solving skills and patience required to build the tower themselves. As they get older building blocks are used to become the basis for houses, towers, castles and garages.
  2. A set of stacking cubes. In a similar vein, a set of stacking cubes will provide hours of entertainment for little ones. There are lots of sets to choose from and it's really a matter of preference. The Djeco Topanifarm is a lovely set that includes 6 blocks and 6 animals. Or they do a variety of ten block sets that are perfect for counting, stacking and knocking down. We also absolutely love the Tidlo Stacking Cubes. Made from replenishable wood in vibrant rainbow colours they sack really high and are perfect for learning colours and numbers as well as dexterity and fine and gross motor skills. This would be the best toy for a 1 year old.
  3. A Wooden Toy Kitchen and wooden play food. Children love to emulate the things they see happening around them in everyday life and a toy kitchen is always going to be a popular choice. You could start with a collection of cutting fruit or veg that is great for developing hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills then add some pots and pans or a tea set so they can start making your delicious food.
  4. Indigo Jamm Toy Cars and Way to Play. Popular for generations all kids love playing with toy cars at some time or another. We love the Way To Play Road sets that can be used inside or outside on any surface and put together any way your child chooses. The road pieces are made from flexible rubber so can be built over pretty much anything. And they work brilliantly with the Indigo Jamm Vehicles that are perfectly sized for toddlers.
  5. Balls. Throwing and catching rolling and bouncing. Balls are the very simplest of children's toys that come in many shapes and sizes and can be used in lots of different ways. We love the Grimms Wooden Balls. A surprisingly versatile toy that will be used in many different ways these brightly coloured wooden balls are brightly coloured, tactile and perfect for play. The BigJigs Tactile Grid Ball is also a great buy and perfect for learning to throw and catch.
  6. Puzzles. Puzzles are fantastic for kids (providing you choose ones that are developmentally appropriate) and will provide hours of entertainment while developing lots of vital skills. For toddlers, simple peg puzzles are a great place to start or the multilayer puzzles from Goula, Goki and Djeco. Plus there are lots of lovely chunky wooden puzzles for learning numbers and letters.
  7. Dolls. Dolls offer comfort, companionship and are perfect for developing emotional skills. They can help children learn empathy and practice nurturing as well as being a great way for young children to explore and discuss emotions. Rubens Barn Empathy dolls are perfect for this, and especially good if your little one is expecting a baby brother or sister in the near future.
  8. Wooden animals. Ok so we might be biased but we really believe you can't have too many beautiful wooden animals. Both Grimms and Ostheimer produce the most stunning hand-carved animals that are perfect for small world play and great for stacking.
  9. Toy people. We have a great range of mini-figures to choose from including dolls house families, superheroes, firefighters and peg people that will be used in all sorts of imaginative play scenarios by your child. We love the Grimms Friends for truly open-ended play. Give them alongside the Grimms Sunset Rainbow for a stunning gift that will be treasured for generations.
  10. Musical Instruments. Little children love to make noise so why not give them the tools they need to make noise into music. Perfect for interactive play children will love to copy the rhythms and patterns you make or play along to songs. And who knows an early love of music may develop into a passion they have had their entire lives.

Preschoolers and older Children

Little children still love role play and small world play. But as they develop they are also able to play more complex games, will enjoy simple board games or card games that involve taking turns.

Dress up and role play playsets like a doctor's kit or vanity case make great gifts for preschoolers who will invent endless scenarios while developing social skills, vocabulary and a capacity for narrative thinking. And role play playsets such as a kitchen or workbench will continue to be popular.

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