Toys for 3 Month Old

At 3 months your baby is beginning to interact with the world in so many ways and with our range of toys for 3 month old babies, your little one will discover early on that learning is fun.

Shop Playsets for Early Development of your Baby

Making eye contact, exploring through touch and grasping at things. Giving playsets to a baby at this age will help their development. Most of these playsets are finished with bright colours that are guaranteed to entertain the eyes of your baby and help them with colour recognition. You will also have a peace of mind knowing that these playsets are eco-friendly and safe for your baby.

We stock a huge range of beautiful classic baby playsets that are designed specifically for little ones to engage with and enjoy for their development. Our range includes handcrafted all natural wooden baby playsets, soft organic cotton baby playsets and 100% natural rubber eco-friendly toxin free teething playsets. Because like you, we think babies deserve only the best playsets on the market.

Baby Sensory Toys

By 3 months, your baby is developing their sense of touch and this can be stimulated with the help of playsets that have lots of different textures to them. Your baby is also learning about cause and effect at this age so playsets that they can rattle and shake or pull bits of are really great at their early years.

The Moulin Roty Elephant Activity Rattle would be perfect for this stage of development as it combines lots of colours and textures. It has a little bird that vibrates when you pull it, an elephant rattle and a little mirror. Plus, it even has a teething ring ready that can help for when teeth start appearing.

All the Moulin Roty rattles and comforters offer different textures for baby to explore and shaking the rattles is perfect for understanding of cause and effect. The little sheep rattle is particularly delightful and would make a perfect companion for your baby in their adventures out and about.

And if you are looking for a rattle the lovely designs of the Djeco rattles are certainly worth having a look at. They are the perfect size for your baby, make lovely gentle sounds and are great for incorporating into tummy time. The super cute Djeco Babycot Baby White egg-shaped rattle is just as much fun to bat around the floor as it is to hold and shape.

At this age, your baby is also becoming very intrigued with faces, including their own and love to look at their reflection in the mirror. To save you holding them in front of the bathroom mirror all day why not get them the gorgeous Plan playsets Mirror Baby Book. The wooden pages won't get torn by over-eager little hands of your baby and it's great for giving them something fun to look at during tummy time.

Reading to your baby is so good for their development at this age, (and from now on), as it helps them tune into language and they love the sound of your voice. Even a simple picture book where you make up a story like this one will add a way to help you interact with your baby.

Baby Teething

They might not have teeth yet but it probably won't be more than a few weeks. And even at this age your baby is starting coordination development to find their mouths and explore playsets with more than just their hands.

The Milkdaze necklaces are a lovely gift for mum and baby. The soft silicone beads are perfect for baby to tug and chew while they are having a cuddle or feeding. And mum still gets to wear jewellery without the risk of it being broken or not being safe for baby.

The gorgeous organic Nachen dolls are soft, cuddly and a great size for your baby. Soft and squidgy they are ideal comforters and some of them come with a ring making them great chewing on when teeth start their development. Or for attaching to a pram or car seat when you and your baby are out and about.

And who wouldn't love the beautiful Grimms natural wooden teethers? These are beautiful, handcrafted natural playsets that feel great to hold and chew. Much of the Grimms range can be introduced from early years but these are a particularly nice starting point for your baby.

The Just B rubber teethers are beautiful all natural teething playsets that are perfect for the little hands of your baby and totally safe for little mouths.They are also great for water play and bath time. And they make a gentle squeak when you give them a squeeze, and help with auditory stimulation and development.

Bath Play

Your baby surely loves bath time, and for many it's a great time to play and interact with your baby. The water allows them to move with more freedom and they love the feel of warm water on their skin.

In a similar vein to the Just B rubber teethers, the Oli and Carol rubber playsets are perfect for your baby. Making them a great investment that will be played with for years. We love the little cars and boats that make a quirky alternative to a traditional rubber duck. And because they don't have any holes in you don't need to worry about the inside getting mouldy. Making them the perfect for bath time fun.

Soft & Cuddly

Soft playsets are wonderful at early years and what better time to start a collection than when they are babies. There are soft play toys for babies.

We absolutely love Rubens Barn handmade dolls and wish that every baby could be lucky enough to have one as a friend. The stunningly beautiful Eco-Buds are handmade from organic cotton and perfect for babies and children alike. Their soft limbs and bodies make them great for a cuddle. And their characterful expressions mean these dolls are destined to be loved for years and accompany your baby on an untold number of adventures.

Alternatively, the Rubens Cute, which is the smallest member of the Rubens family, is lovely and lightweight. Plus it's a great first dress up doll as they get bigger so a lovely investment toy if you are looking for things that will last. And of course, the Rubens Baby dolls, which are rumoured to come with magic sleep dust would also make a wonderful companion.

The Trudi Tattoo girls are another modern take on the rag doll. Suitable from birth they are perfect for inspiring a bit of girl power and have lots of lovely colours and textures to explore. These would make a great gift if mummy likes to rock her tats or change her look with funky hair colours. And they are popular with older children to making them another gift that will last for years.

And of course, every baby loves a cuddly animal. This unicorn plush toy by DouDou is simply stunning and would make a magical gift. And if that's a bit on the girly side we also love their plush crocodile which offers up a similar amount of fantasy fun.

Best Value

If you are looking for a lovely gift for your baby that combines a bit of everything and would make a great first Christmas gift then here are a few of our favourites from less than £10.

  1. Under £10. There are lots of lovely playsets that come in under £10. This super cute rattle by Djeco is one of our favourites. Or the Moulin Roty miniatures are perfect if you are looking for something soft and cuddly. Also, any of the Just B Teethers are sure to be a hit.
  2. £10-£15. Our £10-£15 favourites would have to include the Oli and Carol Carlita and the gorgeous Moulin Roty Jolis pas beaux Ring Rattle. This superb rattle has lots of textures for babies to explore and even has a little mirror so they can giggle at their reflection. The BigJigs activity balls also fall into this price bracket and are a great toy for babies that still get played with by toddlers.
  3. £15-£20. Any of the Moulin Roty Comforters at this price are guaranteed to be well received by babies and parents like. This little sheep toy is particularly lovely.
  4. £20-£25. For a great value toy that has a bit of everything, we love the Just B Wee B Ready set. The handy colourful storage tub, which makes a great drum when they get a bit bigger, contains:
  • A soft cuddly stripy zebra with a little chime bell that is perfect for visual and auditory stimulation and exploring their sense of touch.
  • Three soft squeaky blocks that can be stacked and toppled, chewed on or used in the bath. They come in bright primary colours that babies will love and have numbers and animals on the sides.
  • Two spinning balls that will be great for tummy time and help with figuring out cause and effect.
  • And a set of three teethers on a ring that can be rattled about, chewed on and probably thrown on the floor over and over and over again.

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