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Fun and Educational Toys for 3 Year Olds

Browse our amazing selection of age-appropriate toys. These toys are specifically designed to encourage fun and creative learning for your little ones. We have a wide range of eco-friendly dolls from Rubens Barns to keep your pre-schooler company as they explore their surroundings. Prepare your kid for pre-school with our stacking toys that teach them how to count, building blocks for logic and problem-solving, and beautiful stationeries for writing. Choose from a variety of toys that promote role-play which is a creative way to develop your child's social and emotional skills. Whatever you're looking for, we've got the best toys on the market.

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Ostheimer Ark
Tender Leaf Dovetail House
Ostheimer Boat Ark (body)
£181.85  (2)
Wobbel XL Natural
£179.00  (2)
Tidlo Dolls House Bundle
£211.00   £170.00
Ostheimer Horse-Stable
£157.10  (1)
Ostheimer Cottage
Tidlo Hospital Set
£124.96  (5)
Tidlo Space Station
£120.00  (9)
Tender Leaf Cottontail Cottage
Ostheimer House 4 parts
Tidlo Country Play Kitchen
£155.00   £112.00  (29)
Tidlo Kitchen Station
£104.95  (11)
Ostheimer Doll's House
£101.86  (1)
Bigjigs Sunflower Cottage
£130.00   £99.50
Tender Leaf Toys Royal Castle
Indigo Jamm Kitchenette Diner
Indigo Jamm Lynton Kitchen
£120.00   £95.00  (1)
HOLZTIGER Doll's house
£92.45  (2)
Tidlo Tidlington House
£125.00   £90.00  (2)
Tidlo Play Shop & Theatre
£89.95  (1)
Balance Bike Speedy
Small Foot Shop
£79.99  (1)
Bigjigs Princess Palace
Bigjigs Table Top Piano
Indigo Jamm Raceway Toy Garage
£79.00  (14)
Tidlo Make a Land Set
£99.00   £75.00  (2)
Rubens Barn Original Anna
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Page 1 of 31:    1,832 Items 

Find toys and gifts perfect for your three year old

As children develop more complex vocabulary and a better understanding of the world around them their games become more complex and imaginative. By the time they get to three years old, they will probably love role-play games such as playing doctor or making endless cups of tea for your and their dolls. 

Wooden train sets have been a favourite for generations, they spark hours of creative and imaginative play as well as being great for developing loads of key skills. Plus dolls, fire engines, superheroes, and of course beautiful wooden animals are always popular with little ones.

Pretend Play Toys: Perfect for a 3 year old

We we have a great range of kitchens and accessories, all chosen because they are high quality and come from companies with strong ethical principles. A play kitchen will keep your amused for hours at a time as they prepare breakfast, cook up a feast, or serve customers in a cafe or restaurant. 

TheTenderleaf Stove set is great if you don't have space for a full-size play kitchen, and there are so many amazing accessories to choose from.

The doctor's sets, Plan Toys makeup and tool belts are always popular for role play, and how many three year olds wouldn't want their own tool bench. And of course, a pushchair or mini carrier for babywearing are bound to go down well with little ones who like to play mummies and daddies.

Small World Play: Makes a great gift.

Like role play, small world play is wonderful for language building, imagination and creativity. Traditional wooden toys for kids like dolls houses, garages, railway sets, fire stations and castles are all perfect backdrops to open-ended small world play. As our forests and farmyards filled with animals.

Big Jigs have some amazing small world playsets that are perfect . Beautifully constructed with loads of lovely features they are great for inspiring little imaginations. As well as the usual fire station and farm sets, their mini farm set is great if you are looking for compact toys for travel, we are particularly loving the Dino Island and Polar Glacier. I mean who wouldn't love a pretend ice bergh complete with Eskimo's and six animals including a whale and a penguin.

Holztiger and Ostheimer make stunningly beautiful wooden animals and figures. All handmade and painted with waterbased stains, both these brands make gorgeous toys that children will love to collect and play with for many years. Choose your favourite or mix and match. Then watch as their little imaginations create and act out all kinds of scenarios.

Story sacks are also a great way of encouraging small world and imaginative play as children re-create stories they have heard and expand on their favourite characters adventures. 
Their building and stacking toys will also make great props for imaginative play as they become castles, caves, forest hideouts, boats and animal enclosures. 

A Wooden Train Set

wooden train set is a great toy for a three year oldgreat for sparking their imaginations, and learning and developing loads of key skills. Putting together the track might seem easy to us but when you are three it requires patience, dexterity and fine motor skills. Not to mention the problem-solving ability to figure out which pieces go where to get your train from A to B. And there are so many great wooden train set accessories to choose from that these make perfect gifts. I mean who wouldn't want a Trex tunnel or a fairy garden to spark little imaginations? 

This is a toy that is likely to be played with for years and will certainly be durable enough to pass on to the next generation. 

Educational Games

We also stock a great range of educational games that are perfect for pre-schoolers. Learn about numbers and letters, magnets and stacking or even how to tell the time with fun and engaging toys. 

We love the Plan Toys My Mood Memo game, great for memory games and talking about and understanding emotions. The Bajo fox or Plan Toys Tie Up Shoe are great for fine motor skills and learning to tie your shoelaces, and there are lots of beautiful number and letter puzzles.

Our top

There are so many amazing gifts for three year olds available. This is an age when they are into everything, learning at an incredible rate of knots, and so active and imaginative it's hard to keep up. We have an amazing range of toys on the site that we have chosen not only because they are great for kids but also because they are made by companies that source their materials responsibly and treat their staff fairly, meaning we have filtered out quite a lot of toys you might find elsewhere. Nonetheless we still stock a pretty epic range, so if you are in need of a bit of guidance here are some of our top gifts for three year olds. 

And of course, don't forget you can always get in touch with our fabulous customer services team if you need a bit of help deciding. 

Fun Toys for Boys

Erm, sorry. Whether you are looking for baby boys toys, or checking each shop by age category for boys toys you just won't find them! Or girls toys for that matter. For 1 year old boys, 2 year old boys, 3 year old boys, 4 year old boys, 5 year old boys etc, we just don't have boys toys. Or girls toys. We just have toys! We strongly believe that ALL toys are for girls and boys, toys do not have a gender and the best toys whether its a kitchen, a fire engine, construction toys or remote control cars, girls & boys can play with them. We have the best educational toys, but the best education you can give your children is that all toys are for all children!

Check out our play set section, which divides toys into different types of play set. Such as wooden trains, fire engine, farm toys, etc. To find jigsaws puzzles, we have them under our educational toys. We have an amazing range of jigsaw puzzles, with jigsaw puzzles for age 1 up to age 13! Our pretend play section, is where children can step into the role of pretend play, such as kitchens, shopping & construction toys, etc. Our learning resources include a wide range of toys games and toys with sound effects and sensory toys.

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