Toys for 5 Year Old

Toys for 5 Year Olds

Fantastic toys for 5 year olds that will provide all the tools they need to relax and let off steam away from the screen. Traditional wooden toys that offer inexhaustible learning opportunities through open-ended, fun and imaginative play. Puzzles, stacking toys and building blocks promote critical thinking and basic problem-solving while our stationery items spark creativity, imagination as well as improve writing and langauge skills. Wooden ride-on toys like mini bikes make for good kid's toys for exploring and discovering the world around them. These toys for 5 year olds are not only good for your child's development but also good on the environment.

Find the Perfect Toys for Five-Year-Olds

We have a great range of toys for 5-year-olds that cater for all tastes and preferences. From all natural handcrafted wooden toys that will inspire hours of open-ended child-led play, to fantastic puzzles that will help develop concentration, problem-solving and patience -- you will find the perfect .

Playing is vital for children at the age of five. It’s how they learn, let off steam, and develop emotional, social and thinking skills. By the age of five children's pretend play tends to be much more involved, complex world of fantasy and drama. And by this age, they love to play together. Working with one another to build things and playing different parts of a game together.

They’ll still get a huge amount of value from toys they have had for a while but are likely to play with them in different more complex ways. And if you haven’t already bought them a wobbel, it's still a great toy for encouraging active play.

Imaginative and creative play:

  • The gorgeous handcrafted wooden animals by Holztiger and Ostheimer are perfect for collecting their favourites and inspiring hours of language and imagination building small world play.
  • Our range of traditional wooden toys includes the 'magical' Tegu magnetic building blocs which are the perfect instruction and battery-free toy. Allowing learning and creativity to be combined as they figure out how to work with the polarity of the magnets and realise they can build out as well as up.
  • All the role play toys such as the kitchens, shops, doctors kits are still loved at this age. As is creating fantasy worlds full of pirates and princesses, knights, dragons and fairies. We love the traditional wooden castles by Ostheimer. Simple designs that allow your child's imagination to fill the gaps.
  • Then there are puzzles, musical instruments, dolls houses and dolls. We love the Our Generation dolls for this age. This great range of eco-friendly dolls all come with their own unique hobbies and personality. Ready to join in with all your child's adventures. You can buy additional outfits as well as fabulous accessories such as a scooter or a horse.

Children also have a longer attention span and a better understanding of turn-taking and the concept of rules by this age, so it’s a great time to introduce simple games that you can play together like simple card games, board games or games of skill and strategy like four in a row, noughts and crosses or balancing games.

Great games that 5-year-olds will love:

  • Ladybird and Bee Draughts. A classic game with a fun colourful twist this is a perfect first board game for children who are able to grasp basic rules and concepts. Once they get the hang of the rules it's a great game for learning strategic thinking. Be warned though it can get quite competitive.
  • Goula Stacking rabbits. This is a great game that can be played in lots of ways, is super cute and so much fun. You might want to introduce it without the cards first so kids get the hang of building and balancing the coloured bunnies. Then they can practice mastering increasingly difficult configurations and get a real sense of achievement when they master each card.
  • Djeco Misticat. Misticat is a fun matching pairs game from Djeco. Based on the classic game of Old Maid, players must collect matching pairs of the colourful cat cards. Within the pack, there is one mysterious masked cat. The player holding this card at the end of the game is the loser. Each game takes about ten minutes to play so is perfect for little ones, and lots of fun to play together.

By age five most children will be starting school and like it or not that means they are probably going to start getting homework. Choosing toys that help make learning fun can be a great way to inspire a child's learning and make sure that it doesn’t become an unwelcome chore.

Educational toys for 5-year-olds:

  • There are lots of fun educational toys for helping children master numeracy and literacy. We love the Big Jigs fractions tray. Each colourful piece shows a fraction on one side and the corresponding decimal on the other and is a great way for children to visually see what a half or a quarter look like. The Big Jigs First Fractions puzzle offers a simpler representation but you might find the tray lasts longer for school-age children.
  • The Goula Calendar Clock is a perfect gift for children starting school and a lovely way to learn the days of the week, months of the year and seasons. The date can be used to depict the day of the month or for counting down to a special occasion. And the big clock in the middle has moving hands and bold numbers that are perfect for teaching children to tell the time.
  • The Tidlo Easel. An easel is a great toy both for encouraging artistic talent and creativity and for practising writing skills. The magnetic surface on the whiteboard side makes it perfect playing with letter and number magnets. You can even get into character and have your child teach you their spellings or sums instead of the other way round.
  • We have loads of great storytelling toys including the Moulin Roty torches and Tidlo Puppet Theatre and puppets. Great for playing together and encouraging imaginative storytelling that builds on their experiences and stories they know. Puppets are also fantastic for building confidence and helping children talk about feelings or work through situations when they might find it easier to talk to a puppet as another puppet than they would to you.

If you are looking for the best toys for 5 year olds available this year, look no further than our massive toy collection of fun and educational toys.

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