Toys for 6 Month Old

toys for 6 month old

Fun & Interactive Toys for 6 Month Olds

Playtime is more than just fun, so we handpicked an amazing range of toys for 6 months old to help with your baby's development. At 6 months, your baby becomes eager to interact with everything they can lay their hands on and it's important to surround your little one with toys that are interactive and fun. We have dolls for your little ones to cuddle during nap time, colourful rattles for auditory and tactile development and a wide variety of small toys for hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Choose the right toys for 6 month olds and keep them interested as they learn.

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Rubens Happy
£14.90  (2)
Bigjigs Activity Ball
Grimms Rattle Hexagonal
Moulin Roty Assorted Tartempois Rattles
£18.12  (1)
Bigjigs Bruno Activity Ball
Bigjigs Rainbow Roller
Green Toys Oceanbound Tide Pool Set
£24.99  (1)
Green Toys Rattle Keys
£7.99  (1)
Green Toys Tide Pool Bath Set
Green Toys Tugboat Blue Handle
Green Toys Tugboat RED HANDLE
£11.49  (2)
Moulin Roty Assorted Rattles
Moulin Roty Dog ring rattle
Moulin Roty Sheep doll
Bigjigs Christine Doll Medium
Bigjigs Daisy Doll Small
Bigjigs Hayley Doll Medium
Bigjigs Melody Doll Medium
Bigjigs Poppy Doll Small
Bigjigs Rose Doll Small
Green Toys Submarine Blue Handle
£11.49  (1)
Moulin Roty Grey cat rattle
Moulin Roty Mouse comforter
Moulin Roty Rabbit comforter
Plan Toys Sensory Tumbling Pastel
£22.96  (1)
Bigjigs Anna Doll Medium
Bigjigs Georgie Doll Large
Bigjigs Grace Doll Small
Bigjigs Jack Small Doll
Bigjigs Kelly Doll Medium
Bigjigs Kira Medium Doll
Bigjigs Triangle Twister
Green Toys Twist Teether
Moulin Roty Blue cat comforter
Moulin Roty Mouse squeaky toy
Nanchen Schmuse red
£28.00   £18.00
Bigjigs Abigail Doll Medium
Bigjigs Amy Doll Small
Bigjigs Bella Activity Ball
Bigjigs Bella Activity Cube
Bigjigs Bella Cuddly Large
Bigjigs Bruno Cuddly Large
Bigjigs Emma Doll Large
Bigjigs Jenny Doll Small
Bigjigs Laura Doll Medium
Bigjigs Lily Doll Small
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Page 1 of 3:    129 Items 

Toys for six-month-olds

Choose from our handpicked selection of natural baby toys that are perfect for the inquiring minds and developing bodies of a 6 month old baby. Including teethers, stacking blocks, super soft cuddly friends a ball or a rattle.

The best baby toys are those which will stimulate and engage whilst being totally safe and toxin free as we all know that everything gets explored with the mouth as well as hands at this age.

Interactive toys that rattle and shake are perfect for babies to explore as they become more mobile. Developing fine motor and gross motor skills as well as providing sensory stimulation and learning cause and effect.

The Best toys for 6-month-old babies in 2019



The Just B Wee B Ready Set

We love the Just B Wee B Ready set. A collection of 8 toys that will engage the senses and encourage all sorts of different styles of play.

The Just B One Two Squeeze

The One Two Squeeze blocks make fabulous first building blocks for babies. And their bath sets are perfect for water play.

Natural Wooden Toys

We also stock a huge range of all natural wooden baby toys. The Plan Toys Sensory Tumbling Balls are beautiful and perfect for rolling around and exploring. There are little vehicles that can be pushed around as baby learns to crawl. And the fabulous rain rush that makes a great noise when you turn it upside down.

Moulin Roty Comforters and Rattles

Moulin Rotys range of rattles and comforters are perfect for babies of this age. They are brightly coloured and have lots of patterns and textures to keep baby engaged. And they are so soft and beautiful that they are just destined to become friends for life.

There are lots more gorgeous natural baby toys in the 0m and 3m sections to explore. And if you have any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch with our team. They are toy experts and love to talk about all our fabulous brands.

Whether you buy stacking blocks, a teether, an open ball or a rattle you get fast free delivery when you spend over £40 on any of our toys, for a 6 month old or not, and a 30 no quibble return policy so you can shop online with confidence.

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