Transport Toys Buying Guide

Transport toys are among the most popular toys for little children. They are simple to play but playing them is fun and entertaining. Most of the time transport toys can be played with a push and pull motion which is very simple especially for little children. They also come in bright colours which are guaranteed to attract children.

Parents like buying transport toys. Many experts agree that children learn most of their skills at an early age through playing. Playing with toys with developmental value like transport toys maximises a child’s learning and development potential. Children need to develop fundamental skills like colour and shape recognition, fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, problem solving skills and more. These skills are important to develop before they start going to school.

Transport toys come in a wide range of styles, designs and colours. Choosing the right transport toy for your child can be a bit challenging considering how many options you have. But do not worry. We have made a list of things you need to consider before buying transport toys for your child.


Safety should be at the top of your priority when buying toys for your child. Toys with many detachable parts are considered potential choking hazards. Same with transport toys that are flimsy and poor construction.

You can avoid buying these transport toys by doing ample research beforehand. Read product descriptions and reviews from other customers. Product descriptions often include age suitability and warnings. Better stay away from transport toys with choking hazards and those that are not suitable for your child’s age. Reviews from other customers are also helpful. They will give you an insight on what to expect and what to look out for.


Materials are also correlated to how safe a toy is. Plastic transport toys are widely available because they are cheaper to make. However, they also come with safety concerns and environmental implications. There are many kinds of plastic used in toy production. If the plastic material is not indicated or you do not know what kind of plastic a transport toy is made from, it is better to stay away from them. Furthermore, toys made from plastic are not environment-friendly. When they are broken or damaged, most of the time these toys end up in landfills and bodies of water and it takes hundreds of years before they start to break down.

Wooden transport toys, on the other hand, are the better choice of the two. Wood is a renewable and sustainable resource. They are easy to maintain and generally wooden toys have a timeless appeal to them which is why many families pass down their wooden toys from one generation to the next.


Setting a budget can make buying transport toys simple and easy. When you set up a budget, you can narrow down your list of potential toys to buy which is economical. It also helps you avoid unnecessary spending.


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