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Looking to find the perfect travel mug to enjoy hot drinks on the go without the waste? Discover the best range of eco friendly travel mugs that will keep your drinks hot and your conscience clear.

Whether you are looking for something to replace a takeaway coffee mug on your morning commute or a double wall insulated travel mug that will stay hot for hours check out our range of stylish eco friendly travel mug now.

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Eco Friendly Starter Bundle
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Caffeine for Mama Gift
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Klean Kanteen16oz Tumbler
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FOSH Social Beaker
U Konserve Insulated Tumbler 355ml
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rCup Reusable Coffee Cup
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Eco-friendly Travel Mugs

We all know the time has come where we all need to be thinking about the environmental impact of our daily choices. Weíre firm believers in the power of individuals at Baba Me and the difference even small changes can make.

When it comes to Going Green the easiest changes to make, and to stick to, are those that improve your life as well as well as reducing your environmental impact. And switching to a reusable travel mugs is definitely one of those changes.

Why Choose a Reusable Travel Mug?

  • If you buy a takeaway coffee on your morning commute or your lunch break and use a disposable coffee cup thatís over 200 cups a year youíll be saving from landfill. We use around 2.5 billion coffee cups a year in the UK and although they are technically recyclable that will only happen if they are segregated and sent to specialist plants of which there are just 3 in the UK.

  • Double wall insulated travel mugs will keep your tea and coffee hotter for longer. Meaning no more cold coffee, unless you like it that way.

  • Many coffee shops will give you money off if you bring your own coffee cups or mugs so if you regularly get a takeaway youíll be saving money in no time.

Different Types of Travel Mugs

There are a number of travel mugs available, and whether you choose double walled stainless steel travel mugs or a travel coffee mug made of rice husk will depend on exactly what you expect and need from your new travel mugs. Use our selection to see which are dishwasher safe, or even will fit under the coffee machine.

Double Wall Insulated Travel Mugs

A double walled cup and travel mugs will not only allow you to take your morning cuppa with you when you leave the house but will keep it hot. Vacuum travel mugs are perfect if you often find your coffee is cold by the time you get to drink it or would like to be able to make a hot drink before you leave the house rather than buying one while you are out and about. Stainless steel vacuum travel mugs also stay cool to touch so you can enjoy hot drinks without the risk of burning your hands. Some of these mugs fit under the coffee machine and keep drinks hot or cold for hours.

If you are looking for stylish double walled stainless steel travel mugs to take with you on the go then we highly recommend the Fosh Social Beaker. This handy thermal travel coffee mug is perfect for fitting in your cup holder and a great size for tea and coffee on the go. Itís available in a great range of colours and prints and the double walled construction keeps tea and coffee hot until the last drop.

If you need insulated mugs thatís completely leak proof and you can throw in your bag then we love the Cafe Cap from United States brand Klean Kanteen. Again this features double wall stainless steel vacuum insulation and depending on the size you choose will keep your tea and coffee hot for up to 20 hours and iced for 48 hours. Thanks to the wide mouth and sealed lit this double wall mugs are great for food too. Use to take soup or porridge to work or even bring ice cream from home rather than buying it at the park.

And if you donít really even want to travel with your mugs, just manage to drink a hot coffee at home or at your desk then we love the U Konserve Insulated Tumbler. This stainless steel vacuum insulated travel mug is beautiful to look at and to hold. It comes with a lid much like a takeaway coffee mug or you can drink straight from the cup which has an ultra thin rim. And we can testify to the fact that this cup is perfect for a G&T! Plus itís dishwasher safe which is a definite bonus for many.

Collapsible Travel Mugs

If you are looking for a small, lightweight travel mug you can keep in your bag or pocket and arenít worried about it being double walled (after all the takeaway cup itís replacing isnít) then we love the Pokitocollapsible travel mug. These clever little cups expand to three different sizes, weight just 100g, fit in your car cup holder and collapse down to a height of just 4.5 cm. Plus they are dishwasher safe and made in the UK.

This handy little travel mug could quickly become one of your must have travel accessories. Perfect for keeping in the car or your bag meaning youíll never have to drink from a disposable cup again.

Leak Proof Travel Mugs

Made from recycled coffee cups (some of them do get recycled) and a which best buy, we already love the new rCup. Not only is this the first ever travel cup to be made from used cups, so has great eco credentials, but itís also leak-proof, double walled and offers 360 degree drinking. The rCup is fantastic value compared to a stainless steel travel mug and designed to last for 10 years.

The double wall insulation isní;t the same as the vacuum insulation found in a stainless steel travel mug but will keep your drink hot for around 90 minutes which is much longer than a disposable cup and plenty of time for most people to drink their coffee.

The other alternative for a completely leak-proof travel cup is the Klean Kanteen Cafe Cap. This stainless steel, double walled travel cup is perfect if you want to keep drinks hot or cold for hours rather than minutes.

Glass Travel Mugs

Finally for those simply wanting a reusable alternative to all that plastic lined paper we love the Glass Keep Cups. These really do offer a premium drinking experience. They are also great value, microwave and dishwasher safe, and come with a sealable lid so you donít risk splashing yourself with coffee while you walk.