Travel Toys for Toddlers

The Best Travel Toys for Toddlers

If you are a parent to a toddler you probably have a house, car and handbag full of toys. Having travel toys on hand to keep your little ones busy while they're not at home can be the difference between getting the shopping done and coming home empty-handed, or eating lunch at a table rather than grabbing a sandwich to eat on the run.

If you are travelling further afield then a good selection of travel toys for toddlers will keep your little one entertained and you sane, especially important on long plane, train or car journeys.

The best travel toys for toddlers are engaging, relatively quiet, as close to mess-free as possible, and small/light enough to have in your bag.

Having new or special travel toys for toddlers is also a good idea as it adds to the excitement and keeps them busy that bit longer so you might want to keep travel toys for travel rather than having them available all the time.

  • Tegu. A tegu travel pouch will fit in even the smallest bag making it great for days out, long journeys, or having one on hand while you're waiting for food or an appointment. And we love the Tegu Racers for toddlers either at home or out and about. If you try it and love it, a bigger selection and the Tegu travel tote will keep them amused for even longer.

  • Matryoshka (Russian Dolls). With a set of Russian dolls or matryoshka, you get 4 or 5 toys in one. There's lots of fun to be had pulling them apart and putting them back together again and kids can use the dolls to act out games as well.

  • Little cars or trains. We particularly love the Bigjigs travel tape as you stick it anywhere and reuse it. Plus each roll comes with a vehicle so you can get a road and car, runway and plane or train and track so you can turn anywhere into a playroom with very little to carry.

  • A mini rainbow had to make it onto the list, and for good reason. These adorable little stacking toys will keep kids amused for ages and grown-ups love them too.

  • Lacing games. You can get lots of great lacing toys that range in difficulty. We particularly love the Bigjigs lacing animals for toddlers where they have to find the right body and attach it to the card using the lace. A box of beads can be great for older toddlers.

For older toddlers/children the Grimms magnetic boards are good for travel toys for toddlers as are games such as codebreaker, noughts and crosses, memory games and snap. We also love the Plan Toys mini tins and the mini playsets.

Additional tips for keeping toddlers entertained while you travel

Aside from travel toys for toddlers, here are a few other tried and tested tricks that can keep little ones amused.

  • Pipe cleaners or wax modelling sticks. It might seem like a funny one but sometimes the simplest things can provide the best entertainment. They are also easy to contain, don't create much mess and can be reused. If you have any googly eyes you can create loads of different monsters and animals, you can make each other funny classes, you could make a bunch of flowers for someone or your toddler can just have fun waving them around.

  • A tablet and headphones. Sometimes there comes a point in a long journey where little ones just need to zone out, having their favourite TV show downloaded on a tablet and a pair of kids headphones can be a lifesaver if it all gets to be a bit too much.

  • Reusable window stickers. These are great for flights or even just sitting in a doctor's waiting room, and the fact they can be reused means they can be used for multiple journeys or days out.

  • Books. Both colouring books and reading books are great to have on hand when you are travelling with a toddler. Reading a story can easily fill a few minutes and keep them engaged and colouring is a great activity for almost any situation.

  • Snacks. If you are going on a long journey (which with a toddler probably means anything over 20 minutes) don't forget the snacks. Lots of little snacks that are fun and not too messy to eat are best.

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