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Tula Baby Carriers

Tula is one of the best known and most popular ergonomic baby carrier brands across the world.

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Tula Toddler Baby Carrier
Tula Free to Grow Baby Carrier
Tula Standard Baby Carrier
Tula Woven Wrap 4.6M
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Tula - The Ergonomic Baby Carrier

Carrying your baby in an ergonomic baby carrier like Tula is a lovely way to travel. It is straightforward to breastfeed and you can have both hands free to complete everyday tasks such as shopping. Babies sleep longer and deeper in a sling so you can have more time to spend with older siblings, or just enjoying the peace of a sleeping baby.

Packed with features like multiple ergonomic positions, lightweight panel and many more, these Tula baby carriers are some of the best baby carriers on the market. The adjustable padded shoulder straps on these Tula baby carriers offer easy adjustment for comfortable babywearing experience while Tula innovative panel body design provide 3 different settings to keep babywearing comfortable for you and your baby as they grow up. Tula baby carriers also a one size fits all so there's comfortable baby carrier for every parent.

Tula baby carriers are available in a wide selection of prints to fit evey personality and taste.

What Tula Standard Baby Carrier Should You Get

At Baba Me we have ten Trageschule and Slingababy trained Babywearing consultants to help advise you on the right baby carrier for your family. When looking at a Tula baby carrier we would suggest you consider whether you are buying for a newborn or an older child. The tula standard baby carrier fits from 7kg, this is a guide and not a one size fits all. A carrier shouldn't extend past the knee, the lower leg should always be able to swing freely if this is not the case your baby will require the newborn insert or could be carried in a stretchy wrap until they grow into the Tula baby carrier. Likewise, for the Tula baby carrier, most children will need to be in age 2-3 trousers before the Tula toddler size will fit.

Please don't hesitate to contact our customer service team if you have any queries about baby slings, we are always happy to help.

As Simple as 1, Tula, 3!

Made and designed in the EU the Tula baby carriers are the brainchild of husband and wife team Mike and Ula. Tula Standard baby carriers are very simple, they have a padded waistband and shoulder straps which fasten with buckles. Click, Click, Done! Easy!

Benefits of Babywearing Using Tula Baby Carriers

Promotes and accelarates early development

Babies carried in slings and baby carriers such as Tula's babywearing products can help with your baby's early development. As babies cry less often, they are more alert with their surroundings leading to improved auditory and visual alertness. Also, when babies are carried around in slings and baby carriers, they tend to be socially engaged with those around them.

Less Crying

Studies have shown that babies tend to cry less when carried by their parents. If your baby cries less, it's a win win for both you and your baby.

Strengthens Bond Between Parent and Baby

If you carry your baby around with you, you establish a bond between you and your baby. They feel safe, calm and they can feel your heart, breating and hear your voice.