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Two piece nappy systems include everything from the old fashioned terry nappies, flat nappies, prefolds, fitted nappies and nappy wraps. A two-piece system basically means you have an inner absorbent bit, which may be fitted and shaped or pad shaped, and an outer nappy wraps or cover. Whilst terry squares are technically still available, the modern equivalent of hemp babies bigger weeds nappies and flip nappy inserts are much easier to use.

Two piece nappy systems you need to buy your inner absorbent nappy, whether its a pad, prefolds or fitted nappy, then combine with your waterproof nappy wraps. You can mix and match your nappies and nappy wraps, the same brands do not need to stay together. So, for example, your flip can be used over your little lamb fitted nappy.

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Modern Nappies & Wraps - Wrap your babies in style!

Today's reusable systems are a far cry from terry nappies and terry flat nappies of the past. Today's eco modern cloth nappies and really not much more difficult to use than disposable nappies. Our range of two-part cloth nappies features a separate waterproof wraps and an inner cloth bit made from absorbent material. The absorbent material on the inner can be made from anything really, bamboo, hemp, organic cotton or a mix. Nappy Boosters can be added to keep heavy wetters dry and the waterproof nappy wraps (outer layer) can be used more than once. In general, you can reuse the nappy wraps 2-3 times before you pop them in the washing machine leaving more space in your nappy wet bag.  For a full nappy kit, you will need about 20 nappies, 5 nappy wraps, a couple of wet bags and other accessories. A stay dry liner if you want to keep baby dry and not feel wet. A liner will catch any solids which you then flush down the toilet. When using waterproof nappy wraps you can wipe clean between changes. It is really very easy to use flats, you can just fold them into place. A good kit will include a mix of all types including flats and fitted and maybe even terry squares! A wet dry wet bag will have a pocket to keep clean and a lined bag for dirty nappies.

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For quick changes, we love love, love flip. One of the best systems on the market, it's super easy to use and very economical. Their quality is brilliant and they always get a top review rating.

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