U Konserve

U-Konserve offer a wide range of eco-friendly reusable products for food and drink, whether on the go or at home.

Reusable & Eco-friendly products from U Konserve

From glass bottles to stainless steel insulated tumblers and reusable straws, and stainless steel lunch boxes there is a U-konserve product for everyone.

U-konserve food containers make a fantastic vegan alternative to beeswax wraps and cling film. And if you don’t have a U-Konserve tumbler in your life you are missing out. Perfect for coffee wine and anything in between they fit a straw perfectly and have a super fine rim making them much nicer to drink from than most other reusable tumblers.

We also have a collection of U-Konserve reusable straws so you will always have a drinking straw with you wherever you go. Keep it clean with U-Konserve drinking straw brush.

Enjoy waste free meals and lunches with our selection of U-Konserve food storage containers. These reusable food storage containers come in various colours and sizes, so there’s a food container for every one. Fill these containers with your leftovers, meals and snacks then place it inside U-Konserve insulated lunch tote bags and take it with you to work or weekend picnics at the park.

Go zero waste and banish the plastic from your house with this fantastic, high-quality range of U-konserve products.

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