Unique Gifts for 6 Year Old

toys for 6 year old

When shopping for a 6-year-old, it's important to look for toys that help foster creativity and imagination and can also promote physical activity. Today’s children are so overwhelmed by technology that if you want to make a truly unique and memorable gift, you need to avoid the temptation of a tablet or even smartphone, and instead go for well-crafted toys. Whether you're looking for the perfect birthday or holiday gift, or just want to grab a few fun items for your own little one, there are plenty of age-appropriate toys and games available.

Bigjigs Wooden Spinning Tops

Spinning tops are good toys for kids 6 years and older. If you have a kid who is getting bored with the usual wheeled toys, invest in a spinning top instead. You can bring this unique toy home and let your child have fun. Spinning tops are also available in multiple bright colours which make them easily noticeable. With various colours to choose from, spinning tops provide just the right amount of challenge that will keep kids excited.

These traditional wooden spinning tops from Bigjis are guaranteed to provide hours of fun and exicint playtime for your 6 year old and his friends. Each spinning top is designed with your child’s hands in mind so he can easily twist them or spin them upside down.

Tender Leaf Toys Chicken Coop

Complete your 6 year old’s farm toys collection with this adorable playset from Tender Leaf Toys. This chicken coop comes with a rooster, 2 hens, a little chick, 2 nests, freshly laid eggs and a feeding trough.

Tender Leaf Toys Chicken Coop is a perfect toy for your kids’ imaginative play and fun-filled activities. It will actually encourage them to pretend play and the bonus is that they will learn more about farms and farm animals in a more tangible way. Your kids will get rid of the usual electronic games which are pretty much useless and invest their time in something that matters.

Grimms Building Set Weather

This 13 piece set from Grimms is a fun way to introduce an abstract concept like the weather to children. Your children can bring weather to life is a great way to make it more concrete and real for them when they’re learning about it in school, and this set does it with amazing style.

The Grimm's Building Set Weather also works like a construction set that introduces the key components of weather systems to children. It fosters a better understanding of a subject that most children feel they lack enough information to talk abou. The set itself is an innovative guide to lead kids on a journey through the world of weather.

Tender Leaf Toys Ice Cream Cart

Most children love ice cream and with this adorable ice cream cart toy your children can serve their friends with scoops of these yummy frozen delight. This pretend play toy is going to be a big hit with kids who love ice cream and serving people with delicious treats! This play set comes complete with 4 cones, 4 scoops of ice cream, 4 ice pops, an ice cream cart with lid and an ice cream scooper.

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