Using Your Yuuki Menstrual Cup


Using your Yuuki cup is a simple process with so many benefits for you, your pocket and the planet that it really is worth trying.

Where to Start With a Yuuki Cup

If you are new to Yuuki or using a menstrual cup in general then the first thing you need to do is choose which cup you are going to buy. Yuuki comes in two sizes, small and large, and as a general rule if you have had a baby you will need to use the larger cup. Women over the age of 30 may also find the larger cup is a better fit.

As well as size there are also options for the softness of the cup with the classic cup being much firmer than the soft. Some find that the firmer cup is uncomfortable, especially if they have a sensitive vagina, while others, especially those that are very active, much prefer the firmer cup.

When you get your Yuuki cup you will notice there is a stem coming out of the bottom of the cup. This can be trimmed to make it more comfortable depending on the height of your cervix and whether or not you need the stem to help you remove the cup. You should try inserting the cup a few times before trimming the stem.

Inserting and Removing the Yuuki Cup

Once you have chosen which cup to buy the next thing to master is inserting and removing the cup.

Inserting the cup is fairly similar to inserting a tampon apart from the fact that you need to fold the cup to make it easier. Different positions work for different people but many women find squatting or lifting one leg work well. Once inserted the cup should pop back into shape and form a seal with the wall of the vagina. The vaginal muscles and a slight vacuum hold it in place and prevent any leaks.

When it’s time to remove it you can simply grip onto the bottom of the cup, give it a little squeeze to release the vacuum and gently pull it out. If it’s difficult or painful to remove it might be that the vacuum has not been released and you need to put your finger up a little further toward the rim.

It’s recommended that you rinse the cup when you change it, either in a sink if you have one available or using a bottle of water if you don’t. This isn’t essential though, so if you get caught in a public toilet you can simply empty it into the toilet bowl and wipe with some loo roll.

Cleaning the Yuuki Cup

As mentioned above you can rinse your Yuuki cup each time you empty it or simply empty and reinsert if rinsing isn’t an option. Between cycles however the cup needs to be sterilised in boiling water. This can be done in a pan or using the microwave.

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