Vegan Beauty Products

vegan beauty products

100% Vegan Beauty Products - Skincare, makeup, soap, nail polish and more

Shop our amazing range of cruelty-free and budget-friendly vegan beauty products.

We're proud to offer a full range of vegan beauty products including makeup, skincare, handmade soap, natural deodorant and bath bombs that are packed full of natural nourishing ingredients and completely cruelty-free. We stock some of the best vegan beauty products available in the UK and Ireland, hand picked from producers we trust. So you can achieve a beautiful glow with none of the nasties.

Looking for vegan bath bombs well look no further. We have an amazing range of vegan products packed full of nourishing plant butter and essential oils that are perfect for an indulging bath and will leave your skin smelling and feeling amazing. Plus they are handmade in the UK. Treat yourself to a selection that will relax, uplift or revive depending on your mood. These vegan products make amazing gifts!

Natural Deodorant

Our range of natural vegan deodorants will leave you smelling fresh without the need for chemicals, aluminium or animal products. And of course, these vegan products have not been tested on animals either. Instead, they are full of natural moisturising butter, essential oils to keep you smelling fresh and arrowroot to keep you dry. If you are new to natural deodorant check out our detox blog to help get you started.

Natural Makeup

Our range of Vegan makeup is natural organic makeup that's not tested on animals and contain no animal ingredients. Instead, these vegan products are packed full of powerful natural ingredients that nourish and treat the skin at the same time as providing excellent pigment and coverage. So you can enhance your complexion in more ways than one.

Natural Skincare

Choosing vegan products that are going to be kind to your skin, 100% natural and free from animal products couldn't be easier with our range of great brands. We have the perfect products for all skin types to keep you feeling your radiant best.

Natural Soap

Traditionally soap was made using animal fats. Vegan soap, however, substitutes these animal fats with natural plant oils. Our gorgeous range of soaps are all cruelty-free, plastic-free and will leave your skin soft, clean and smelling great. What more could you want from a bar of soap?

If you want to fill your bathroom with cruelty-free personal care products, look no further than our collection.

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