Vegan Gift Hamper Ideas


Vegan Gifts

Whether you've been vegan for years or are just thinking about being vegan, any special occasion that calls for gifts can pose a challenge when it comes to shopping. If you're looking for vegan gift hampers to get your vegan friends and family, or you're wondering what the best vegan gifts for her or vegan gifts for him, then don't worry because we're here to help.

Understanding what veganism is and what products vegans buy is the key to making your life easy especially during the holidays or any special occasion. You don't want to end up buying a gift that is not suitable for vegans for your vegan friend which she will end up donating to a charity.

What is veganism?

Veganism is one of the most compelling and humane ideologies associated with living lightly on this planet. It is considered as a lifestyle that seeks to restrict all types of animal abuse and cruelty. This means people who adhere to vegan lifestyle, which is called a vegan, abstain from consuming or using anything that contains or derives from animal products.

As the result of the growing popularity of the idea, veganism is now becoming a household term with many more people switching to a vegan lifestyle. Advocates of veganism argue that animals are meant to live and inhabit the earth alongside humans, rather than be abused and raised for human consumption.

What can I put in a vegan gift basket?

A gift basket is unobtrusive. It's discreet too. You can give a gift basket without having to fuss over personal notes and your emotions. You just put the basket under your recipient's nose and walk away. Gift baskets are perfect for the most basic relationships: colleagues, neighbors, babysitters, etc. Gift baskets even come in handy when you want to show appreciation to someone you care about but you're not quite sure how you feel about them. Oh yeah, if anyone ever tells you that it's difficult to give gifts to vegans, well, here is an easy answer - gift baskets for vegans!

With the vegan lifestyle becoming more popular every day, there are many companies making products that cater to vegans. This means you'll have an easy time searching for products that are vegan-friendly that you can put in your gift basket. It can be anything from cruelty-free personal care products to natural clothing items like bamboo socks.

Personal Care Gift Basket

This should be an easy one. Everyone needs to use personal care products, even vegans. The only difficult part about buying personal care products for vegans is that you should scrutinise the ingredients of these products to make sure they don't contain any ingredients that are derived from animals and that they are cruelty-free. If a product isn't advertised as cruelty-free, then it's safe to assume that they're not vegan. If you're not familiar with the ingredients, you may have to do a bit of Googling.

Vegan Food Gifts

Food is always a great gift because it brings people together and it represents nourishment. A vegan diet is simple to understand. Any food that has ingredients that come from animals is a big no. If you don't mind spending more, go for organic fruits and vegetables. You can also buy processed foods provided that they're vegan-friendly.

Clothing & Home Items Gifts

Another good idea for a basket gift for vegans is filling it with clothing and home items like linens. You can buy linens made from organic cotton like towels. Vegans are big on eco-friendly products as well as so you can fill your gift basket with any product that helps your friend reduce their waste like a jute bag.

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