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vegan gifts

Find fabulous gifts for every occasion that are cruelty-free and don't contain any animal products. Divinely scented soy wax candles, delicious vegan chocolate and treats, vegan make-up and beauty products and even vegan leather photo frames. Put together your own hamper or choose one of our fabulous gift sets.

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Bathing Beauty Brush Set
Gnaw Bar Bundle - 10 Bars
£31.00   £27.50
Jones The Bones Muscle and Joint Oil
Bigjigs Sudoku
£17.95   £15.26
Congratulations Gift Box
From:  £10.00
Just to Say Gift Box
From:  £10.00
Agnes & Cat Bath Fizzer Gift Box
Agnes & Cat Red Clay Face Mask
Birthday Gift Box
From:  £10.00
And Personal Ladies Shave Oil
Pit Putty Natural Deodorant
Gauntlet Hand salve
Agnes & Cat Fairy Dust
£12.50   £9.00
Baba Me Rainbow Bath Salts
Agnes & Cat Bath Fizzer
Agnes & Cat Lip Balm
£7.95   £4.28
Gnaw Dark Chocolate
Gnaw Organic Dark Chocolate
Gift Card

Page 1 of 1:    53 Items

Many people are making a switch to a more sustainable lifestyle and for good reasons. Our planet is dying and we need to make drastic changes to how we live and interact with our environment before itís too late. Even as simple as buying gifts that are ethical and eco-friendly can make a huge difference. What we do today has far-reaching consequences in the future.

As advocates of environmentally-friendly products, our gift selection reflects our advocacy and commitment to our environment. We have a wide selection of gifts that are ethically-made and eco-friendly which are perfect for people who are living sustainably and those who want to make changes to a greener lifestyle.

Our range of gifts also include appropriate gifts for vegans. We believe that vegan gift giving should not be complicated so we handpicked the best eco-friendly and vegan products you can find online. Our selection of vegan presents includes skincare products, chocolates and cosmetic items. All these items do not contain any materials from animals and are 100% cruelty-free.

Buying gifts for vegans should not be difficult. There are many specialty shops that cater to vegans. Even popular brand names are now offering vegan options making vegan-friendly products that make for great gifts widely available.

What gifts do you get for someone who is vegan?

There is a wide selection of gifts for vegans for every budget and preference. From cruelty-free personal care products to delicious instant hot chocolate drink, you will be hard-pressed to find better gifts choices.

Personal Care Products

Our bath bombs and melts from brands like Warrior Botanicals, Agnes + Cat and Wild Olive are perfect vegan gifts for vegans who love a soothing and relaxing bath. These bath bombs and fizzers are made from a fusion of natural ingredients. They produce a decadent aroma which is perfect at the end of an exhausting day.

We also have natural deodorants and dry shampoo from Warrior Botanicals. These natural body care products make for the right gifts for vegans as well as people who are wanting to make a switch from chemical-laden products to greener products.

We have natural perfumes from Pacifica. These perfumes are made from non-GMO ingredients and a fusion of pure essential oils and natural fragrances. They are also free from harmful chemicals and parabens. Another amazing thing about these perfumes is that they come in recyclable glass bottles and gorgeous packaging.

Dairy-free Vegan Hot Chocolate

Everybody loves chocolate. Our Rosamund & Ivy Hot chocolate is highly recommended for vegan chocolate lovers. Itís made from cacao and coconut milk and sweetened with coconut sugar. This delicious chocolate drink is 100% dairy-free.

If you are looking to gift something to a vegan friend, family member or special someone, look no further than our vegan gifts collection.