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vegan makeup brushes

Vegan Makeup Brushes for a Natural Glow

Having great makeup is only part of the equation. To achieve the perfect finish you also need great brushes. Our range of vegan makeup brushes is high quality and cruelty-free. And we've made sure there's a perfect brush for every product to keep you looking flawless.

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Page 1 of 1:    5 Items

Makeup application is so much easier when you have the correct tools for the job. Your makeup will be longer lasting and you use less product when you use high-quality brushes for application.

We have selected a range of professional makeup brushes with synthetic fibres. They are cruelty free, vegan and Hand finished. read more to hear about how to choose the right brush for the job.

Don't forget to pick yourself up a makeup bag to store your brushes in!

Which Brushes should I use?

  • A foundation brush

  • A concealer brush

  • An eye shadow blending brush

  • A blusher/contouring brush

  • An eye liner brush/blender

  • A lip brush

Liquid foundation brush

Its easy to use twice the amount of foundation if you are applying it directly with your fingers. You also risk introducing bacteria into your product. Using a foundation brush helps to apply your liquid foundation correctly.

A good foundation brush has tapered bristles, densely packed together to stop the liquid foundation from disappearing into the brush head. Tapered bristles enable you to target exactly where you want your product to go.

You can reach those awkward areas between your eyes and nose and blend around any fine lines and wrinkles.

Concealer Brush

When you have a spot to cover, the last thing you want to do is introduce bacteria into it. Gently pick up some concealer on the synthetic fibre hairs and pat it onto the spot. Work from the outside in to avoid irritating the skin further.

When you are satisfied that you have covered the problem area, apply a dab of setting powder or loose powder to set your product.

Concealer brushes are great for dotting your concealer around dark circles under your eyes or for targeting broken capillaries on your cheeks. Make sure to wash your concealer brush regularly and leave to air dry.


If you know anything about Mineral powder foundation then you will have heard of a Kabuki brush. A kabuki is a large brush, rounded in shape and packed with bristles. Made specifically for use with natural mineral foundation, this brush is used to buff and blend the finely milled powder, into your skin.

We stock the PHB Kabuki brush in a retractable tube. The synthetic bristles are super soft, they won't feel scratchy or itchy on your skin.

Perfectly designed for dipping into your powder foundation, the bristles hold the right amount and distribute it evenly. You can use the Kabuki to build up coverage where you feel you need it most.

The PHB kabuki is cleverly designed and can be used on the go. Load the brush with the foundation powder, close the tube and off you go. Your brush is primed and ready for your next application.

The synthetic hairs are hand cut and the brush hand finished. This is a top quality foundation brush that will give you a full coverage from your loose powder foundation.

You can also use your Kabuki brush with any setting powder, you donít need to buy separate powder brushes.

Blush Brush

An angled hand cut brush will give the best application for your blusher. Brush hair on a blusher brush should feel soft, less dense than on a foundation brush. They are designed to give a light sweep of colour where you will naturally blush.

Apply your blush onto the apples of your cheeks if you want a natural looking blush. Just a light dusting is enough, you want to simulate your natural blushing colour.

If you prefer a swipe of colour along your cheekbones, then use the angled synthetic hairs to follow the hollow of your cheek. Blend the edges of the colour carefully to avoid stripes of colour.

Eye Brushes

Most of us have been too heavy handed with eye shadow in the past and understand the importance of putting on the right amount of product and blending it in correctly.

The right eye shadow brush will help you to apply your shadow and the bristles should be firm enough to stop the loose particles from dropping on your cheeks. The blending brush will smooth harsh lines and give you an airbrushed look to your eye makeup.

Eye Liner

Eye lining brushes are a great investment. They are essential if you would like to do a smokey eye. The bristles should be finely tapered into a point to pick up a small amount of product and to enable you to get that right into your lash line.

You can wet the bristles if you want a darker line around your eye. The right eye liner brush will allow you to get a perfect flick.

Top tips for the perfect line

Rest your elbows on a sturdy surface and place your little finger on your cheekbone. This will stabilise your arm and help you to get a straight line with your liner brush. Dot your eyeliner close to your lashline. Once you are satisfied that you have got your dots in the shape that you want your liner to be, simply join the dots up!

We love the range of synthetic brushes from PHB. We know that you will be happy with them too. We would be very happy to help you put together your perfect makeup brush set. Join our Facebook group for tips and hints on all things makeup and fragrance!