Vegan Nail Polish

    vegan nail polish

    Natural Vegan Nail Polish - In the BEST range of colours

    Give yourself a cruelty-free manicure and pedicure with our gorgeous range of vegan nail polish.

    Cruelty Free Nail Polish

    Pacificaís long-lasting, 7 Free Nail Polishes are stunningly vivid shades that sweep on smoothly and dry flawlessly. Nails are left looking exquisite without the use of many of the usual harsh chemicals found in nail polishes.

    For a Spa type manicure at home, you need a couple of products.

    1. Acetone-free nail polish remover
    2. Nail and Cuticle oil
    3. Top and Base coat
    4. Nail Colour

    Decide which shape of nails you would like to have. Coffin nails (yes really that is the name) Stiletto nails or squoval (square-oval) are the trending shapes right now. Have a look at nails on Instagram for inspiration.

    Remove all traces of nail polish with a non-toxic polish remover. Don't use pure acetone on your nails as it will dehydrate them. We have Glossworks nail polish remover. This one is acetone-free and is enriched with Argan Oil and Vitamin E to be gentle on the nails, whilst swiftly removing all traces of nail polish.

    Once your nails are clear of polish and clean, you can file them into the required shape. Try to match your nails to the shortest one.

    Apply a Base coat to the nail bed. This keeps nail beds free from the staining of nail polish. It also gives your polish something to grab onto. Your nail polish will last much longer and will be more even in appearance if you use a Base coat. When the base coat is dry, you can then apply your chosen polish.

    Here at Baba Me, we have many colours available. Glossworks natural nail polish has a deep pigment. This means that you can get away with one coat if you are in a rush. Two coats are the ideal though and will give maximum coverage and shine.

    The colour range has classic colours as well as the trendy metallics. This range of high-quality nail polish is a favourite with natural beauty bloggers. It gets rave reviews and we love it too. It holds up to the rigours of the fairies who pack your goodies in our warehouse. It is a hard-wearing nail varnish.

    Colour Trend

    Pacifica has all of the top trend colours. From electric blue to fuschia pink, lagoon green to the palest pink. There is also a top coat that has a sheen which will transform your chosen colour with one coat. Once your colour layers are dry, itís time to seal it all in with a top coat.

    You can skip a top coat however your manicure wonít last as long. Top coats add shine to your nail varnish but they do the important job of sealing the edges of the varnish. This stops your nail polish from peeling and lifting. You can also use a top coat to refresh any manicure. Just give a single coat over a tired manicure and it will look glossy and revamped.

    Child Friendly

    All of our nail polishes are formaldehyde toluene free. Due to the gentle nature of our nail polishes, they are a great alternative to conventional nail varnish for your children.

    Every child wants piggy paint on their nails and itís difficult to say no. You can relax in the knowledge that our nail varnishes arenít toxic and even the remover is gentle on little hands.

    Cuticles and Hands

    Finally, you must nourish your cuticles. There are many oils that have been traditionally used to soften cuticles. Sweet almond oil, Avocado oil, Wheatgerm oil are popular choices and will nourish your nails and cuticles.

    We can highly recommend Trevarno Cuticle Oil. It is a blend of Jojoba, Almond oil, Citrus oil and Olive oil. Just a couple of drops onto your cuticle area will be enough to take care of your cuticles and keep your nail beds healthy and nourished.

    Finish your manicure with deeply nourishing hand cream. Choose a natural Shea butter based cream for an intensive nourishing treat or choose a lighter hand lotion to leave by the sink, keep in the car or in your handbag.

    As with all of our beauty products at Baba Me, our nail range is cruelty-free. We know that this is important to you and it is important to us too. Our natural nail polishes are suitable for use on acrylic or sculptured nails as well as on natural nails. They won't damage a gel polish either.

    The only question now is which colour vegan nail polish will you choose?