Vegan Wax Wraps - Vegan Alternative to Clingfilm

Vegan wax wraps

Beeswax is a great substance for making reusable food wraps, thank you bees. But if you choose not to use animal products, then you more than likely choose not to use honey and beeswax. And so you may be looking for another, vegan, alternative to clingfilm.

Vegan wax wraps are made using a blend of plant-based waxes, resin and oil that use the warmth of your hands to mould and seal them around whatever it is you are wrapping, be it half an avocado or a bowl of last night’s dinner.

When to choose vegan wax wraps

If you are looking for something to wrap your sandwiches or cover your leftovers that isn’t clingfilm then wax wraps, vegan or otherwise, are a great solution. Clingfilm is terrible for the environment. It is designed to be single-use and it can’t even be recycled.

However it is very handy to be able to wrap a slice of leftover quiche to take it with you to work or just keep it fresh in the fridge. Thus if you are going to get rid of clingfilm you need to find an alternative or a selection of alternatives that can take its place.

Wax wraps are ideal for covering bowls, plates and pots. They are perfect for wrapping the end of a cucumber or half an avocado, and they are great for wrapping cheese or bread. In fact, in all these cases they are actually better than clingfilm, not just for environmental reasons but because they let your food breathe and keep it fresher for much longer than plastic.

Wax wraps are great for sandwiches, although we also love the reusable sandwich wraps that can be put in the washing machine. And they are also great for helping you open jars.

When not to choose wax wraps

Just like beeswax wraps vegan wax wraps do not like the heat so you can’t use them in the microwave. And you shouldn’t use them for raw meat or fish.

Silicone wraps are also vegan and can be a great alternative to use in these situations. You can also get silicone reusable food bags that are perfect for portions of raw meat or anything else you might want to portion up and pop in the freezer. You can use them in the microwave and they can go in the dishwasher so you don’t have to worry about how well they’ve been cleaned using cool water.

Silicone is also plastic-free. And despite being a synthetic polymer has very low toxicity and high heat resistance so is often used in both the food industry and for medical uses.

You can’t put it on your compost heap when you are done with it, but it will last longer than fabric wraps and you can recycle it.

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