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vet toys

Shop our fabulous range of high quality vet toys for children who love role playing as animal doctors.

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Plan Toys A Trip to the Vet Set
£60.00   £52.00
Plan Toys Pet Care Set
£29.95   £25.46
Plan Toys Vet Set
£29.95   £25.46

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Toy Vet Set

Little ones can practice their veterinarian skills with our great range of vet toys. These playsets are perfect for encouraging imaginative play as well as empathy, interaction and social skills in young children. And for those who would prefer to pamper their pets we love the Djeco grooming playset.

Children tend to love animals and vet toys are a great way to extend play with beloved soft toys. The Small Foot vets set comes with a super cute rabbit, but of course, your little one can check the temperature and dispense medicine to all their toys, and you.

Pretend play or role play toys are good developmental and early learning toys. Playing with vet toys for kids allow children to explore and develop empathy as they care for the animals. Most children love to pretend play and take care of their pet toys.