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Waldorf Dolls for Kids

The Waldorf doll has its roots in the Waldorf education theory. Its founder, Rudolf Steiner, believed in practical play to develop the child’s imagination and creativity. We offer a variety of Waldorf dolls that also promote the development of responsibility. The absence of facial features and fingers allow the toddler to develop imagination. When playing they can interpret the expressions of the baby doll. To improve your child’s sensory experience, the dolls are made with organic cotton. Suitable for all ages of children! Discover today how education meets fun with the Waldorf doll!

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Nanchen Schmuse red
£28.00   £18.00
Grimms Baby, blond
£5.90  (3)
Grimms Soft Doll, blue
Nanchen Schmuse natural
£28.00   £18.00  (1)
Nanchen Schmuse turquoise
£28.00   £18.00

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