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Getting your own reusable  is a necessity in today’s environmental landscape. You need a reusable water bottle to stay hydrated and keep yourself feeling good at home or out and about. You need to get a container that you can carry around, instead of repeatedly buying single-use plastic water bottles.

Check out our reusable water bottle collection. We’ve tested and offer the major brands in the market. Choose from a variety of designs and styles including stainless steel water bottles and insulated water bottles. We’re sure you’ll find the perfect drinks bottle for your needs.

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Bicycle Collapsible Water Bottle
£2.95   £2.21
Vintage Apple Collapsible Water Bottle
£2.95   £2.21
Rex London Cookie The Cat Folding Water Bottle
£2.95   £2.21
Charlie Lion Collapsible Water Bottle
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Que Collapsible Water Bottle 591ml
£24.95   £16.00
Rex London Panda Folding Water Bottle
£2.95   £2.21  (1)
FOSH Active Water Bottle
£15.00  (4)
FOSH Vital Water Bottle PRINTS
£25.00  (4)
Harry Crocodile Collapsible Water Bottle
£2.95   £2.21
Rex London Monsters Of The World Folding Water Bottle
£2.95   £2.21  (3)
Rex London Tiger Folding Water Bottle
£2.95   £2.21
FOSH Vital Water Bottle
£20.00  (10)
Flamingo Bay Collapsible Water Bottle
£2.95   £2.21
Que Collapsible Water Bottle 355ml
£23.95   £15.00
Klean Kanteen Kid Classic Sport Cap 355ml/12oz
From:  £15.95  (2)
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Our Water Bottle Brands

  • Klean Kanteen: Klean Kanteen is one of today’s most popular stainless steel water bottle brands. This water bottle company is family owned and is known to have introduced the first BPA -free stainless steel bottle in 2004. Since then, their name has become synonymous with tough, durable and reliable stainless steel bottles. Their steel bottles come single walled for cold drinks or double walled which are perfect for hot or cold drinks.
  • Fosh: The company is founded to support a mission of changing the world’s plastic consumption habits through reusable water bottles that are as stylish as they are functional. Fosh water bottles hopes to convince people to ditch single-use plastic and enjoy their drinks from their Fosh reusable water bottle instead. If you need a lightweight drinks bottle for travel the stainless steel Fosh Active Water Bottle is perfect, or the Vital double walled water bottle 500ml is perfect if you like hot drinks from your bottle as well. This stainless steel water bottle will keep cold drinks for up to 24 hours.
  • Chilly’s: Contrary to its name, Chilly’s is the brand name of some of the hottest reusable bottles in the UK today. The company’s mission is to encourage people to adopt the use of reusable products. Chilly’s is specially designed for urbanites who value exemplary function, as well as aesthetics. The stainless steel double walled design will keep hot drinks hot for up to 12 hours. The stainless steel water bottle 750ml size is one of our most popular drink bottle.
  • Que: Que’s signature drinks bottle is designed for travel. It's collapsible and comes in lots of fashionable colours. As testament to its unique design, the company has since gotten praise from creative institutions, such as The Smithsonian Museum, SF + NY MoMA, and The de Young Museum. This is a perfect sports fitness water bottle, as it bounces when dropped! You can stay hydrated when running without fear of denting your stainless steel bottle, pefect for the sports fitness enthusiasts.
  • U Konserve: The U Konserve brand was born from the dream of two environmentally conscious moms. Lynn Julian and Chance Claxton both wanted to put together a waste-free lunch kit for their kids. This led to the creation of U-Konserve in 2008; and what followed is some of the most sought-after line of reusable water bottles and other reusable products. The couple gives back 1% of their profit back to environmental non-profit organisations. The U Konserve is a double walled stainless steel water bottle, ideal to replace the plastic bottle.


Reusable Bottle Choices/ Types

From so many drinks bottle styles available, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect ones for your specific use.

  • Collapsible Water Bottle: A collapsible drinks bottle is perhaps the ultimate when it comes to function and convenience. Fill it up with your drink of choice. Enjoy it for the rest of the day. Once you run out, simply collapse your container and stash it in your bag. You can freely go about your day, without worrying if you left your jug anywhere. Once you don’t need it, you can store it safely.
  • Vacuum Insulated: Whether you want your drink hot or cold, you can rely on a vacuum insulated bottle to keep it that way for a long time.
  • Single Walled or Double Walled: Double walled reusable bottles are essential if you want a hot drink and great for keeping drinks ice cold but they do weigh more than those with a single wall which might be preferable for sports fitness. Double walled water bottle will keep cold drinks cold.
  • Sports: Sports fitness bottles are perfect for your rehydration requirements at the gym or outdoors, during treks and adventures. They come with sports lids that are designed for convenient sipping and sealing. Whilst most are a plastic bottle, we do bpa free water bottle options and a bottle 750ml is the perfect size for sports.
  • Growler: A growler is your best choice when you have big time hydration needs. Whether it’s a full day outdoors or you just get really thirsty. This is a very large stainless steel water bottle, some are also double walled.


How to Care for Your Reusable Water Bottles

Your drinks bottle is designed for convenience and mobility. Likewise, many of these are also made to last you for years. Take care of your drink bottle, and you can extend its lifespan. This helps the environment, and your pockets too by saving you from further consumption.

An important thing to remember when you regularly use your water bottle is to limit the types of drinks that you use with it. Tap water and infused water are good choices. You will need to deep clean your drinks bottle more regularly if you use it for strong drinks such as soda, alcohol or coffee.

Clean your reusable bottles regularly, especially when you use it for liquids other than tap water. There are specially designed bottle-cleaning brushes that you can purchase to make life easier.  Use a droplet of mild soap to soak the inside of your water bottle. Brush and rinse after a few minutes. Then, thoroughly clean under running water.

When you intend to not use your drinks bottle for a long period of time, ensure that the insides are dry. Drain first by storing without its cap, upside down. Once dry, seal with its cap and store in a cool dry place.

Gift Cards

Buying for a friend? Want to say thank you to a great teacher? A drinks bottle makes a great gift not only for the recipient but for the environment as well. However with so many options to choose from it can be tricky to know which is best if you're not buying for yourself. That's where our gift cards come in. Gift cards can be used as full or part payment and allow the recipient to choose the perfect water bottle for them.

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