Way to Play

way to playWay to Play - The flexible toy road

Let your imagination lead the way. Build yourself an endless adventure! 100% child friendly, unbreakable and suitable for any surface.

is more than a toy! Each set features easy to connect road segments. Straights, curves, parking spaces, roundabouts, junctions and more. Made of high grade, child safe rubber, simply roll out an adventure anywhere and anytime. Indoors and out! The beach, deep pile carpet or that bumpy garden path, turn any place into your waytoplay. The open ended sets can be added to, for endless fun. Let your child find its way to play and become king of the road.

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Page 1 of 1:    14 Items

Way to Play - Flexible play for any surface

Way-to-play offers fun without wires, wi-fi or screens. We believe in the creative force of children. The road segments let the imagination pave the way to adventure. Your child is behind the wheel and determines the way forward. There are no maps, and the sets can be added to endlessly for a never ending adventure.

"Why don"t your sets include maps or designs for tracks?" our customers sometimes ask. Our answer is simple: we do that on purpose. We believe that there are no rules, no standards for how to play with our toys. Any is way is your Waytoplay.

The rich creativity and imagination in any child is best stimulated with "open ended" toys. Toys that have no set goal, target or result. No concrete problem to be solved, no points to be scored, simply to be enjoyed by doing, discovering, trying and playing. Once children discover that they themselves are free to create their own game, their imagination blossoms. We call that: pressing the "play" button.

With the various road segment shapes included in our sets, every child can build its own course, make its own way. And discover a new world. Long, short, curvy or straight. With other toys or without. It"s all good. The road segments are the tools, the children make the rules. We believe inendless, OPEN enjoyment. That"s what waytoplay embodies to us.

a SAFE and DURABLE waytoplay
Waytoplay road segments are made of 100% child safe and child friendly, durable, hygenic rubber compound. They conform to the highest European EN-71 norm for toys. All resources used are sourced in Germany. That means it"s local, reliable, certified and registered.

Before your child goes on an adventure, the road segments have enjoyed a road trip of their own. To ensure to high safety and quality standards we control the entire production process ourselves. We only work with partners we know and trust. The road segments are made and shaped in Germany after which the all important road markings are added in The Netherlands. Because we have embraced the "impact first" approach, we have teamed up with a sheltered employment provider, that provides work for people with little access to the regular labour market. With great care, attention and dedication they add the road markings to both sides of the road segments. Last, but not least, our packaging is fully recyclable.