What Age Are Ride-On Toys Designed For?

The term ride-ons covers a wide range of toys from rocking horses to battery-powered jeeps, push along cars, bikes trikes and scooters. This wide range of toys means that ride-on toys are suitable for a pretty wide age range.

Each individual toy, however, will be designed for a certain stage of development, and a certain size of child.

What age can babies use ride-on toys?

Babies or toddlers can start using ride-on toys pretty much as soon as they are steady on their feet and have good core strength. Some ride-on toys are even designed to help them get to this point and there are a number of walkers that kids can also sit on and be pushed around or use as a ride on when they get a bit bigger.

Generally for little ones starting with something that has 4 wheels, is low to the ground and is easy to hold on to works well. And there are so many options available that finding something suitable should be pretty easy.

By around 18 months to 2 years a balance bike can be a lot of fun. Again make sure it is low enough that they can sit comfortably astride it with their feet touching the ground. Ideally, you want a nice light bike at this age and something that can be adjusted as they grow.

Rocking toys are also popular with babies and toddlers and perfect if you don’t have floor space to race around in a car indoors.

Best ride on toys for 1-year-olds

The Indigo Jamm Bernies Ride-on Bus is a brilliant walker and ride-on-in-one, not to mention the fact that it is a very cool retro London bus and a great way to transport your favourite teddy in style.

If you don’t need a walker then we highly recommend the Indigo Jamm Scoot. This retro scooter comes in three colours and has 4 multi-directional wheels that make navigating the living room a breeze.

If you don’t have room for indoor racing then the BigJigs rocking horse is completely adorable and a very loving toddler friend.

What is the maximum age for ride-on toys?

There really is no maximum age for ride-on toys, after all a bike is considered a ride-on toy but adults would probably view this more as a mode of transport than a toy.

As children get older and more confident, balance bikes and scooters become popular toys, and then, of course, peddle bikes and more elaborate stunt scooters as they get bigger still.

The BigJigs my first balance bike is recommended from three, although many children may be ready before this age.

Other ride-on toys for older children might include fancy mini kids quad bikes, electric cars and bikes as well as good old fashioned go-karts that you can build yourself or buy.


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