What Age Is a Wobbel Board For


The real beauty of the Wobbel, apart from the simple aesthetic, is that it is a toy that works for all ages. This simple laminated wooden curve is whatever you want it to be, and that means that it’s just as appealing to most adults as it is to children.

Like many Waldorf inspired toys the Wobbel is designed to be open-ended with no prescription as to how it should be played with. Meaning that although it’s obviously a great rocker board its also a fantastic dinosaur cave, and an awesome car ramp.

Suitable for all ages the Wobbel will be played with in different ways by a toddler and a teenager. But both can build strength, flexibility and balance as they play. And even the very young and old can enjoy this great balance board.

Wobbel Board - Suitable From Birth

Most of the Wobbel boards are certified as suitable from birth, with supervision, the exception being those with the cork backing as bits of this could be picked off by little ones.

While babies obviously can’t make full use of the wobbel as they can’t stand up and balance on it they can still use it in a number of ways. It makes a lovely place to snuggle up and be gently rocked and they can use it the other way up for a bit of climbing practice. Just make sure you stay close.

Choosing The Size of Your Wobbel

While the Wobbel is great for all ages, you might choose differently depending on the age of the child (or adult) you are buying for.

The Wobbel Original is roughly 90cm long and 30cm wide and certified up to 200kg so it’s great for children and adults with plenty of space for big feet. Both adults and children will enjoy rocking on this one and children are able to us it from a young age.

The Starter Wobbel is a smaller and lighter version of the original that is certified for up to 100kg and measures approximately 70 x 27.5 cm. It’s great for younger children but if you have older kids you might be better of choosing the original. The shorter length makes it more stable for little ones to use but it might start to feel too small as they get older.

The Wobbel XL is quite a bit bigger than the others measuring 115 by 40cm and is recommended for children over the age of 7. Before this age, the XL might be a bit cumbersome. But if you do have younger children as well they will still have lots of fun playing with it and will certainly grow into it.

The XL is also probably the best option if you are looking for an adult balance board for exercise as the longer length gives more options for exercise and stretches.

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