What Age Should Your Child Start Playing With Stacking Rings?

You know that sstacking ring toys are some of the first toys a baby can have so you might be wondering when should you introduce this adorable toy to your baby? There is no right answer here because of the fact that children develop differently. But to give you an idea, at 8-9 months babies start to use their hands and fingers to hold and manipulate objects. This is likewise the ideal age for a lot of stacking toys.

When your baby has grown better hand eye coordination, she'll love adding building and stacking to her collection of fun. Try offering her with stacking cups and cardboard boxes to try stacking. And keep in mind that she may require your assistance when she is starting to play stacking rings because she will have a hard time figuring out how to play stacking toys without your help. Set reasonable expectations for your child and try not to anticipate that your baby should get the grouping right like not putting the largest ring at the bottom. Just sit back and watch your child enjoy stacking.

We can all effectively perceive the number of essential skills that are developing while our children are playing and there is a more nuanced movement occurring in your child’s brain. Stacking is one of the essential skills that your children learn as they develop their brains. By attempting to get the rings on the post or just stacking them on top of each other, she'll get significant practice in critical thinking and the idea of size.

While your child is playing with stacking ring toys, she is progressing constantly, and getting more free. She will start to move on to more complex stacking rings and before you know it you would be surprised at how well she does with stacking. She is stacking rings and other shapes and getting everything right using the muscles of her hands and fingers. This is one of the best ways for children to develop their fine motor skills, discover their problem solving skills and critical thinking as well as trying out different ideas. As soon as she makes sense of the rings size and shape, she stack the rings differently to make things more interesting for her. Your little one will be excited about stacking a tower of stacking rings as high as could reasonably be expected and afterward watching what happens she will then remove all rings from the peg then start all over again.

Stacking ring toys are great toys that include a cone or a peg that fits colourful rings of different sizes. These toys are so popular that you can see them online and at your local toy store. It has a bar that you stack the rings on. Most should be stacked bigger rings first then the smallest. Don’t be surprised if from the start, your baby will only hold on and mouth the rings. This is normal. Once she figures out how to play with her adorable stacking ring toy, she can practice her fine motor skills by fitting the rings onto the cone. And once she becomes a toddler, you can use the same stacking ring toy to teach her first lesson about shapes, colours and numbers.


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