What Alternatives Are There to an Activity Cube?

Activity Cube Alternatives

Activity cubes are great, they are engaging and fun for little ones and offer loads of opportunities for development including sensory development, motor skill development and cognitive development.

However, while they seem to be the perfect toy for doctors waiting rooms, and any other waiting room for that matter, they can be pretty bulky and not everyone’s first choice for their living rooms.

So if you don’t really have space for an activity cube or just feel you might be able to spend your money better elsewhere, we have compiled a list of a few good alternatives to activity cubes that offer the same opportunities for physical and cognitive development.

The Activity Walker

First up is the activity walker. This is a great option for little ones that are not yet walking or just learning to walk. Just like an activity cube an activity walker generally has lots of different activities to keep little minds entertained, and they can generally be played with as soon as babies can sit unaided.

This means you can buy one at the same time as you would purchase an activity cube but it will serve a dual purpose as a walker when babies get to the stage of standing and taking their first steps.

A Busy Board

There are plenty of options for busy boards that you can purchase, or if you are feeling like it you can make your own.

You can put anything you like on a busy board. Locks and latches are popular choices, as they are great for developing fine motor skills, logic and problem-solving skills as well as the fact that kids love them.

Clips, cogs, materials of different textures, holes to post things through, knobs to turn, zips and switches are all really good fun. And you’ll be surprised how long these little boards will keep kids entertained for.

Building Blocks

Activity toys can be a little over-stimulating for children, especially if they are battery operated and feature music and flashing lights as well as simple manipulation activities.

Building blocks are a very simple toy but they offer many of the same developmental benefits that your child will gain from an expensive activity cube.

Babies learn to grip and manipulate blocks, they discover cause and effect as they bash them together and they learn problem-solving skills as they try and get the blocks to balance. Blocks are often brightly coloured so children can get to learn colours and colour matching. Stacking blocks can be combined with counting skills and many sets of blocks will feature the alphabet or animals.


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