What Are Dolls Prams?

Doll Prams

Doll prams are toy prams for little kids. They allow children to bring their dolls and other soft toys on an adventure together. Dolls pram can either be made in plastic or wood. Wooden prams are highly recommended because like most wooden toys, they look classy and timeless. There’s also the environmental impacts of plastic so choosing wooden toys should be a no-brainer.


Children love to role-play. When they reach a certain age, they begin to copy what adults do and role-playing becomes a huge part of their playtime. Probably one of the most common pretend-play that kids love is playing parent to their dolls. They take care of their dolls just like their parents take care of them which is really a good sign that the child is learning about responsibility.

Many child experts agree that encouraging children to play make-believe is important to their development. Children love to play and they learn through playing. Through role-playing, children can express themselves freely and allow them to experience a wide range of emotions. They can also act out different scenarios and see things in different perspectives. If they are playing with friends, it’s also a great activity that enhances communication and a good environment for exploring new ideas and expanding vocabulary.

Doll prams are also great toys to encourage movement. As your child wheels her dolls pram around the house, she develops her fine-motor skills, gross motor skills, balance and physical strength. Fine motor skills are needed to perform tasks such as cutting a piece of paper using a pair of scissors, using a spoon and fork or tying shoelaces. Gross motor skills are the abilities to do things that require the use of a large group of muscles mostly in the torso, arms and legs. These set of skills allow humans to sit upright, walk, jump and run.


Storing wooden dolls pram should not be a problem even if you have limited home space. Most toy prams don’t occupy a large amount of space and they can double as a storage container for your child’s other soft toys. If your child stops playing with her doll pram, you can simply disassemble them and store them somewhere safe and away from the elements and insects especially if it’s a wooden pram. When your child expresses she wants to play with her dolls pram again, simply re-assemble the pram.

Toy Pram Accessories

Accessories are entirely optional but they add more fun to your child’s playtime. Some wooden toy prams come with accessories but if yours didn’t don’t worry because you can buy individual pieces of accessory depending on your budget.

Some of the most popular accessories are bedding and blankets. If you are on a tight budget, you can simply use your child’s muslin cloths as blankets and fold them to make a small pillow. There are also a lot of resources online about DIY doll blankets if you’re into arts and crafts. DIY projects are amazing and a fun way to bond with your child.


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