What are good secret Santa gifts for Guys?

What are good secret Santa gifts for guys?

Buying secret gifts is great fun. Or at least it is when you’ve got a pretty good idea of what to get. But what if your secret Santa recipient is some guy you barely know?

Guys can be tricky to buy for at the best of time. Especially if you have a limited budget. There’s a reason why socks are so popular at Christmas. And while there are plenty of little gifts you could buy for someone you know well, a secret Santa gift can be harder to choose.

First up you’ll probably want to find out how your secret Santa works and if you are meant to buying a genuine gift that the person will like of a silly White Elephant style gift. Although usually if it’s an office gift exchange and you don’t know the person well an element of silliness is accepted if not expected.

Practical secret Santa gifts for guys

We’re definitely a fan buying responsibly and hate the idea of purchasing gifts for the sake of it that will most likely end up in the bin. So why not get a practical and eco-friendly gift for your recipient.

A reusable coffee cup or water bottle makes a great gift for anyone. Go for a neutral colour or stainless steel and you have a gift that can be used every day for years. And if that’s over budget what about a reusable sandwich wrap, snack bag or lunch bag?

We love reusable straws for a secret Santa gift, especially as they are super affordable, so you can give a straw and a can or two of their favourite beverage and stay within a £5 budget.

Other practical gifts include socks, silly or sensible depending on your mood, a mug for the office, or things you know they will use like a memory stick or a notebook and pen.

Another option for practical gifts is to pick something that relates to things you know they enjoy doing so a nice wooden spoon for a keen cook or a set of lights for a cyclist.

Edible Gifts

Obviously another good option for guys (or anyone for that matter) is something they can eat or drink. A nice bag of fancy coffee or speciality tea, hot chocolate, biscuits, fudge and chocolate are all good options. If you know them well enough to know they like a tipple then you can’t go far wrong with a bottle of wine and cheese and crackers or a nice jar of chutney is great at Christmas time.

You could even get creative and create an emergency snack box for their desk drawer for late nights in the office.

Other gift ideas

Other gifts that don’t fall into the plastic tat category might include:

  • A good book.
  • A jigsaw puzzle
  • Wooden puzzles and brainteasers
  • Christmas tree decorations
  • A photo frame

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