What Are Grimms Toys Made Out Of

What are grimms toys made out of

The majority of Grimms toys are made of wood, with a few soft toys thrown in for good measure. The wood comes from sustainably managed European forests and a variety of different woods are used for different toys within the range.

Grimms currently use FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Certified Alder, Lime (Linden), Beech and Maple as well as Cherry that is used for some of the Grimms Friends. The friends have recently changed to include a mix of different woods depending on availability meaning you get an even more unique set of hand-painted dolls than you did before.

Much of the woodworking is outsourced to independent workshops, the largest of which is in Bosnia where there is a plentiful supply of well managed Linden (Lime) trees, which is the primary wood used for many of the toys.

What does FSC certified mean?

The FSC focuses on promoting environmentally friendly, socially beneficial and economically viable management of forests ensuring that nature is being supported rather than depleted.

When you buy toys or other goods with the FSC certified mark it means you know that the wood is being well managed, preserving the environment for future generations.

Why Wood?

While trees are obviously a valuable natural resource that needs to be well managed and protected, using wood is far better for the environment than plastic. And choosing high quality, well made wooden toys means that they can be passed on to other children or saved for future generations.

Wood being natural is also an incredibly expressive material. You cut into a tree and you can visibly see the evidence of the life it has lived. The rings that are formed through the passing of the years and all the knots and patterns that make it beautiful and remind you that this toy was once a living thing.

Wood also has an amazing feel, smell and taste that makes it perfect for toys, especially for little ones. Wood is warm to touch and great to chomp on when you are teething. And the smell of wood not only adds another layer to the sensory experience while children play but can provide another avenue for connection with nature.

Wood also makes a very pleasing sound. The sound of wooden toys knocking together is musical. Warm and vivid. Children will love to discover the sounds they can make with their toys and trust us it’s a lot more pleasing than the sound of plastic.

Because Grimms toys are made of wood it also means they are all completely unique. No two toys are exactly alike because they are made from a material that is not uniform in nature. The grain, the knots and the lines are part of the charm of Grimms toys, not defects, they carry a story and remind us of their origins.

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