What Are Potty Training Pants?

Potty training pants are reusable absorbent pants that you can use to help ease the transition out of nappies while you are potty training. Potty training pants are a great way to give children confidence and help reduce the number of outfit changes and accidents you might experience on your potty training journey.

Potty training pants are designed not to be as absorbent as nappies so children recognise when they are wet. And as they realise the sensations that lead to them feeling wet they are more likely to get to the potty on time.

Potty training pants are also designed to look and feel much more like big kid pants and they can be used in the same way so that children can learn to pull them up and down all by themselves.

How Do You Use Potty Training Pants?

Potty training pants are designed to help ease the transition from nappies to pants as your child learns to use the toilet. Potty training pants can be used just like normal pants, children can pull them up and down themselves when using the potty, and yet they are absorbent enough to avoid a full outfit change if they don’t quite make it to the potty on time.

Unlike nappies that are designed to wick moisture away from babies skin as quickly as possible so they stay dry and comfortable, potty training pants are designed to feel wet when they are wet so children learn what it feels like when they have an accident.

Once children are ready to potty train you can switch nappies for training pants to boost children’s confidence and help them to feel more grown-up and responsible while at the same time helping them learn to associate the sensations of urination with feeling wet without having to change their clothes every time they have a little accident.

Do You Need Potty Training Pants?

Potty training pants are not essential for potty training but they can be helpful especially if children are keen to be out of nappies before they are really ready or struggle with getting to the potty on time when they are away from their home environment or distracted by other things.

Reusable potty training pants can be easily washed with the rest of your laundry and will certainly save a good few outfit changes especially in the early stages of potty training.

There are a couple of different styles of training pants, those that are all in one and those that are a cover with a removable insert which can be replaced after an accident without needing to replace the pants.


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